Puffing Billy Steamed Train – Belgrave

Puffing Billy is a century old steamed train operating in the Dandenong region, Belgrave.


Puffing Billy - Belgrave Town


It is still running on its original route from Belgrave to Gembrook (and back to Belgrave)


Puffing Billy - Entrance to Puffing Billy


We entered through the simple door, got our entrance tickets but as we were a little too early for the next ride, so we explored the town. We saw a second hand shop, a few cafe and restaurants. We decided to buy some fish and chips as our lunch later.


Puffing Billy - Belgrave Station


The first station to broad the train was at the Belgrave.

We were still quite early. We were the first passengers. We explored the station, took some photos, chatted with the station master. We were told that one way to enjoy the Puffing Billy and the view along the way better is to sit with your legs hanging out of the train. We tried, took some photos. This way of riding the train may be fun & enjoyable and allow you a good scenic view but it wasn’t comfortable.


Puffing Billy - Head part of Puffing Billy


It is a relatively simple looking train. Nothing fanciful in the carriages or the train.


Puffing Billy - Puffing Billy Tailend


The train moved in a slow pace (comparing to our modern train). It passed through the greens and over a wooden bridge.


Puffing Billy - Over the Bridge


We stopped over Lakeside and strolled around the area to enjoy the view and our lunch. We spotted a number of Crimson Rosella, very friendly, not wary of human.


Puffing Billy - Crimson Rosella


Then, very soon, it was time for us to head back to Belgrave but on the way, there were some stops, one of the stop was Emerald. We went down from the train to enjoy the view.


Puffing Billy - Stopping at Emerald Station


We spent almost three hours at the Puffing Billy. This tourist attraction is best for children, even adult enjoyed themselves.




Puffing Billy

1 Old Monbulk Road, (PO Box 451), Belgrave 3160, Victoria, Australia
Tel: (03) 9757 0700


Opening Hours


Each day there are about 4 departure as early as 10.30am. Click here to check the website for the time tables


Getting There


By Train:

  • Belgrave Train line from Melbourne CBD to Belgrave station. Follow the blue line on the platform to Puffing Billy.


By Car:

  • Driving to Belgrave is one of the great option.


Link to check out before you go:


Puffing Billy Official Website