Beijing Noodle Bar - Bar Counter

Beijing Noodle Bar, Great Beef Noodles

Before my trip to Beijing, I google the net for some good noodle places. I found the Noodle bar. There was numerous review and were rating it as Excellent so I went down to check it.


Beijing Noodle Bar - Entrance to Noodle Bar


The shop is rather small and the menu is simple. They served mainly beef  noodles. There are only three choices with tendon, tripe or brisket.


Beijing Noodle Bar - Noodle Bar


The indoor seats were counter seats for 12 guests. You could see the chef making the noodles fresh for the customers. There are some outdoor seats as well, if you prefer.

I ordered the beef brisket noodles and a vegetable


Beijing Noodle Bar - Noodles and Vegetables


You could add some condiments such as the chopped parsley to the noodles to enhanced the flavour.


Beijing Noodle Bar - Noodle


The broth was great. I could taste the natural sweetness and the noodles were chewy and soft, not soggy. I love the radish most. It has absorbed the essence of the soup and it tasted so good.


Beijing Noodle Bar - Entrance to Courtyard


This is definitely a must try place, if beef is not a food restriction for you. The restaurant is located in 1949 The Hidden City. In 1949 The Hidden City, there are many other restaurant. There is also a Chinese restaurant that serve great Peking Duck there.




Noodles Bar

1949: The Hidden city courtyard 4, Gongti Bei Lu, Chaoyang district (behind Pacific Century Plaza Gongti)
Tel: 6501 1949


Opening Hours


Daily 1100 to 2200


Getting There


By Subway: Line 10 – Tuanjiehu station (团结湖站)


Rating: 8.5/10