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Brawn & Brains Cafe At Former Singapore Badminton Hall, Near Geylang (Re-opened)

I have been wanting to check out Brawn & Brains. Finally, I made it today. Brawn & Brains Cafe is located at former Singapore Badminton Hall along Guillermard Road. It is pretty small in size.


Brawn & Brain - Cafe Front


The decor of the cafe is pretty simple with a number of artistic photographs on the walls. The furniture are really simple, only stools.


Brawn & Brain - Cafe


The menu is simple too.


Brawn & Brain - Beverage Menu


Brawn & Brain - Types of Beans Available


It serves mainly coffee and some other beverages options, sandwiches and a few cakes and pastries.

I am fond of Earl Grey so I odered the Earl Grey slice and my favourite beverage.


Brawn & Brain - Earl Grey Slice


There were two types of coffee beans to choose from. I chose the Brazil which according to the bean menu, its characteristics is dark chocolate, nutty and creamy. I feel that the coffee was above average, not too bad. I tasted a bitter chocolate hint, low acidity and full body. I felt it tasted better when the coffee gets cold and I tasted bittersweet chocolate with nutty hint.


Brawn & Brains - My Cappuccino


The shape of the Earl Grey Slice whole cake was in a ring shape which reminded me of the butter cake that my mom used to bake, feel nostalgic. The Earl Grey Slice was frangrant and soft but I don’t taste Earl Grey, instead there was some critus hint. It was a tasty slice of cake though.


Brawn & Brain - Beans Info


I learned something new in the cafe; to make a cup of espresso it requires about forty two beans. Interesting fact.

Brawn & Brain is a simple cafe with relatively cheap coffee, at $3.50 a cup of Cappuccino. So if you need to get your caffeine craving fixed, this is a great place.



Brawn & Brains

100 Guillemard Road #01-07 #01-02 Singapore 399718
Tel: +65 6348 8892



Opening Hours


Tuesdays -Sundays 0930 to 1930; Closed on Mondays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight after or before Singapore Badminton Association along Guillemard Road   7, 70, 70M, 197


Rating: 7.5/10