Stuff I Never Packed When I Travel

As I am petite in size, managing a huge luggage pose a challenge for me as such there are some stuff I never packed When I Travel. Moreover, I would very likely not use them during my trip. It is true and I have witnessed it among my traveller’s partners. Worse still, you got to unpack all your stuff when you are back. What a waste of time and energy especially when you are not using them during the trip. Here is my list of stuff I never packed when I travel



Stuff I Never Packed When I Travel

My objective is to leave as much blank luggage space for my shopping. Lol! In return, I need to pack only the essentials.


Too Much Clothes 


This is a common deed for many as they will always worry about not enough; will they accidentally soiled their clothes during the trip. Both my mom and aunt will always lament at the end of the trip that they did not wear those clothes, but they never learn to bring one less at each trip.

My habit is always to bring clothes that I could mix and match. So how much is enough, I suppose it depends on many factors such as where are you going, the purpose of the trip, the activities you are carrying out and not forgetting the weather. The whole idea is you need not worry about not enough. As along as you have two or three sets of clothes, you could always laundry them and wear again. And through experience after two or three trips, you will be able to gauge how much clothes you need to pack. Then at the next trip, if needed, pack one or two less of clothes.



Technologhy Gadgets


Technology gadgets are bulky and heavy. Gadgets are energy consuming, you will probably be busy charging them in the hotel after a long tire day out. All I need is a smartphone. Smartphone is very powerful, I can do all things with it; taking photos, keep connected through the internet, through calls, messaging, loading photos to FB, tweet so that your followers can follow you, an most importantly, it contains map and I could use it to navigate my way. The other gauge I will bring along is a good digital camera as I like to share my photos with my friends.



Tons of toiletries


This is mainly a lady thing. Guys don’t usually does this.

When travelling, in fact, most hotels provide basic toiletries but some may argue that the toiletries provided by the hotels is of inferior quality. If you really need to bring, bring only the top necessities and only the portion requested for the period of the trip. For me, my top toiletries are my dandruff shampoo and shower cream for sensitive skin.



Instant Noodles and Favourite Snacks


I never pack instant noodles or my favourite snacks. When in a new city, or a new place, I want to try as many local food and snacks. I will never need the instant noodles and my usual favourite snacks.



Several Pairs of Shoes


When travelling, all you need is a pair of good walking shoes and maybe a pair of sandals for use in hotel room.



Own Pillows, Bolsters and Blankets


This may sound strange. I have colleagues who will bring along their own pillows. They couldn’t get to sleep without them. I am not kidding. It’s true.



Large Makeup Kits


Like the toiletries, if you want to look photogenic on the pictures taken, bring only the basic necessities. I understand the important to look your best in front of the camera but there’s no reason why you need to bring an entire suitcase unless you are there for a fashion work-related trip.



NAHMJ Verdict


My objective when packing is to ensure I have at least half the luggage empty, so that I could make space for my loots. As such above are stuff I never packed when I travel