Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 - Interior

Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 – Northpoint, Hong Kong

Congee is an usual breakfast in Hong Kong as a result there are lots of shop that sell Congee. And around Fortress Hill in Northpoint, Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 is one busy shop every morning we passed by and so we decided to try it out.       Like every other Hong Kong styled cafe, […]

Hunghom Cafe - Interior

Hunghom Cafe – Northpoint, Hong Kong

Since this round, we were staying at City Garden Hotel, at Northpoint, I search for a few breakfast option and found Hunghom Cafe 紅磡冰室 to be one of the better one as there isn’t a lot of Hong Kong Styled Cafe around Fortress Hill to start with. Interestingly, the decoration of Hunghom Cafe wasn’t exactly the […]