Hibiki Lunch Set, Good Value-For-Money Selection - Lunch Set

Hibiki Lunch Set, Good Value-For-Money Selection, At Bukit Timah Road – Sixth Avenue, Singapore

We visited Hibiki Japanese Restaurant for their yakitori and various ala carte items previously. And since we didn’t get enough as there are more items to try, we revisited Hibiki. After more than 6 months, we are back for the Hibiki Lunch Set.   On the menu, valuable set lunch menu, there are 7 mains for selection. In […]

Cafe Aoyama Collaborative - Interior

Cafe Aoyama Collaborative At Upper Bukit Timah (Closed)

Cafe Aoyama Collaborative is a Japanese feel cafe in Upper Bukit Timah.     The interior is very much modern with lots of Japanese touches. A few couches were scattered at different corners of the cafe. The space was pretty big, comfy with a sense of elegant. Even the menu, it is very much Japanese […]