Planning A Free and Easy Trip

Planning a free and easy trip is lots of work, but I enjoy planning for every trips. In fact, I always feel that it is through the planning that I learned more about the country, the culture and the history of each attraction. Here is my travel tip.     Planning A Free and Easy […]

When Travelling With Chronic Disease

For people with chronic disease, you will have to take extra precautions when it comes to travelling. Of course, it will also depend on your severity. As I am asthmatic, there are certain things that I will do pre-travel, things that I will pack and points to watch out when travelling with chronic disease     […]

Stuff I Never Packed When I Travel

As I am petite in size, managing a huge luggage pose a challenge for me as such there are some stuff I never packed When I Travel. Moreover, I would very likely not use them during my trip. It is true and I have witnessed it among my traveller’s partners. Worse still, you got to unpack all your […]

Online Hotel Booking Websites, The best and the worst.

I am a fan of free and easy travelling. I enjoy planning my own itinerary; booking my own hotels and rail transport and everything else that is needed to go on a free and easy trip. It also means I need to decide how I want to make the booking and through which channel or […]