LiHO Cheese Tea! Have You Tried Them Yet? Singapore - LiHO Say Cheese Poster

LiHO Cheese Tea! Have You Tried Them Yet? – Singapore

We just got over a BAKE cheese tart fever. But here comes another cheese craze! Now available in the form of Cheese Tea from LiHO! Are you ready for this bizarre drink that is immensely popular in China and Malaysia now?   As the name suggests, Cheese Tea is tea with cheese. Simple. But is […]

Teng Tea Dessert Cafe - Counter View

Teng Tea Dessert Cafe – Rangoon Road, Farrer Park, Singapore (Closed)

Teng Tea Dessert Cafe is one of the new addition in the last quarter of 2015 on Rangoon Road. It is beside Icebox Cafe which I visited previously. I really think Farrer area is beginning to flourish. Maybe into another Tiong Bahru or Jalan Besar.   The cafe space is adorned in monochrome. Space isn’t the […]

The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar - Sweet Canapes Set

The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar at Lau Pau Sat, Sweet and Lovely

As Lau Pa Sat has finally re-opened after a period of renovation, I went down to explore and find The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar.     The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar is all about flowers. It started as a humble florist; with a great vision and passion, it now branched into […]

Rouse Cafe on Dunlop, Cool and Hip (Closed)

Rouse Cafe is on Dunlop Road, along with Flee Away. It has a different theme from its neighbour. It has a rustic and to certain extend raw finish, but not as raw as Sin Lee Foods.     Some of the furniture used were also raw material. Crate boxes were used as table and placed […]

Sin Lee Foods At Bukit Ho Swee, Rustic – Tiong Bahru, Singapore (Closed)

I was contemplating of whether to have lunch at Sin Lee Foods or at The Tastemaker Store. Both are within walking distance from the Tiong Bahru MRT station. Finally, I decided to have lunch at Sin Lee Foods at Jalan Bukit Ho Swee. It was a tough choice.     I suppose Sin Lee Foods […]

Souper Sarnies – My Lunch, Chicken Avo Sandwich and Earl Grey Lavender Tea

Souper Sarnies At Orchid Hotel, Sandwich Speciality Cafe (Closed)

Souper Sarnies is the latest addition to Orchid Hotel F&B (Food and Beverage) Scene. It is a simple, unpretentious shop with sandwiches as their speciality.     The design of the cafe is sleek with white-washed walls and shiny wooden tables and chairs. There are some high tables and chairs by the window, allowing diners […]