Cafes Around Lorong Kilat, Bukit Timah

Cafes around Lorong Kilat is sprouting one after another. Here is the list for sharing.     Cafes Around Lorong Kilat   Along Lorong Kilat Just along Lorong Kilat, you could find a number of cafes. Each cafe has its specialty, ranging from ice cream, waffles, pancakes, cakes and pastries. It is so diversified.   […]

MavRx Coffee Apothecary - My White

MavRx Coffee Apothecary – Duxton Hill

  On Duxton Hill is MavRx Coffee Apothecary. A cafe with nothing else to offer but only coffee beans and an espresso machine for pouring cups after cups of cuppa. You can see MavRx akin to a drugstore, offering cuppa for fixing ones caffeine craving.     Menu is kept simple and short forward. With Espresso, Black, White, […]

Cafe Open On Mondays – Singapore

I always have a hard time looking for a cafe open on Monday in Singapore. Interestingly, cafe usually closed on a Monday. Though there are a handful that closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday. As a result I have to go surf the net, looking for one after another until bingo, found one. So […]

Crown Bakery & Cafe - Bread and Pastries Displayed

Crown Bakery & Cafe At Crown Centre Bukit Timah

Crown Bakery & Cafe is a collaboration between Far East Flora and Japanese bakery Signifiant Signifie. Ever since it opens its door in late April, it has been attracting crowd. I must find out how good the bread and pastries were for myself.     When I saw the name (without the address), Crown Bakery […]

Daily Roundup Cafe - Counter

The Daily Roundup Cafe at The Working Capitol On Keong Saik Road (Closed)

The Daily Roundup Cafe is within the roof of The Working Capitol, a coworking workspace with desk for rental, for a day ($50 per desk) or for a month ($750 per desk).   I hopped over to the Daily Roundup Cafe for lunch on a weekday. The cafe space is considerably big with pretty spaced […]

The Clueless Goat - Interior

The Clueless Goat Cafe – Thomson Road

When I first heard of The Clueless Goat At Thomson Road, I didn’t quite like the name. “Clueless” sounded not too nice. Apart from the name, the cafe is pretty awesome in all aspects. From the interior design to the food to the service.     The menu isn’t the most tempting or most interesting. They […]

Brunches Cafe - Another view of Cafe

Brunches Cafe – Rangoon Road

  Brunches Cafe at Rangoon Road is at the same side of Old Hen but further down (if you are coming from Farrer Park MRT station).     The cafe has a vintage and maybe a little retro theme.     You can find lots of vintage items, from Television, Telephone, Typewriter, some ornaments, toys […]

And Why - Interior

And Why Cafe – Bali Lane

And Why, a cafe at Bali Lane, sandwiched between Stateland and Honeycomb has a New York Deli concept which was well executed in all aspects. From the interior design to the menu to the waiters’ uniform. And Why is bought to us by the folks of I Am. They use very intriguing names. Interesting! Since it is […]

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar - Counter

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar – Bedok North Avenue 2

  Fatcat Ice Cream Bar was opened on 1 January this year and I knew about Fatcat Ice Cream Bar when they were in preparation and was following them closely. But it was only after two months, that I found the time to visit them. It was like finally, I did it. Fatcat Ice Cream Bar […]

Tamper & Co - Interior

Tamper & Co Cafe At 88 Rangoon Road Farrer Park (Closed)

Tamper & Co, I believe it was re-branded from the previous La’Coffee. As I saw the same lady (I think she is the owner) also at Tamper & Co. Moreover, I spotted the la’coffee chicken wings on Tamper & Co menu.     When I entered the cafe, I thought it was a new cafe […]