Casa Rustico, Humble Option At Mohamed Sultan Road – River Valley, Singapore

Yet another meetup with friend, which also means an opportunity to try another restaurant. This round, we were deciding between Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse and Casa Rustico. As I couldn’t get a reservation for the former, hence we turned to the latter. It is easier to get to Casa Rustico from River Valley Road. It’s neighbours […]

Table At 7 Promotional Menu Using Sustainable Seafood From Kesemmura Shishiori - Facade

Table At 7 Offering Kesennuma Shishiori Special Menu, Sustainable Seafood – Robertson Quay, Singapore (Ended)

Table At 7 located a few units away Ippin Cafe is collaborating with them to offer a Kesennuma Shishiori Special Menu. Using only Sustainable Seafood in all the items on the menu to create some European dishes with Japanese ingredients. I love such food theme as I always feel that it is worth exploring food with such a twist. […]

Ippin Cafe x Kesennuma Shishori, Creating Dishes Using Sustainable Seafood - Kesennuma Shishori Products

Ippin Cafe x Kesennuma Shishiori, Enjoy Sustainable Seafood And Win Tickets To Japan – Robertson Quay

From 3 April, Ippin Cafe is bringging a slice of Kesennuma Shishiori to this sunny shore. In this Ippin Cafe x Kesennuma Shishiori menu, expect dishes using only sustainable seafood.   Located 2 hour car ride from Tokyo, Kesennuma Shishiori is one of the world’s three largest fishing grounds. Due to its geographical location where the […]

Ippin Cafe Bar With Taste Japan Menu, A Home Concept Japanese Café Bar – Robertson Quay, Singapore

NAHMJ have previously reviewed Ippin Cafe Bar New Menu while this was my first time there trying out Ippin Cafe Bar With Taste Japan Menu, hence I researched on Ippin Cafe Bar, as such I knew it was unique since it prides itself as Singapore’s first home concept Japanese café bar.   I was truly astounded when I […]

Ippin Cafe Bar At Mohammad Sultan, Robertson Quay, Singapore - Ippin Cafe Bar Interior

Ippin Cafe Bar At Mohammad Sultan With New Menu – Robertson Quay, Singapore

Ippin Cafe Bar is nestled along the stretch of drink holes at Mohammad Sultan is also home to many Japanese Restaurant. They pride themselves not only serving authentic Japanese food but also of having a homely environment and homely meal. From the interior decoration to the food served at the cafe bar, the same theme […]