Strasbourg Catholic Church Mass Schedules – France

In Strasbourg, there are as many Catholic Churches as Protestants Churches. This is mainly to due Germany influence, I believe. Here are the Strasbourg Catholic Church Mass that I gathered.     Strasbourg Catholic Church Mass     Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg Place de la Cathédrale, 67000 Strasbourg Tel: +33 (0)3 88 21 […]

Bruges Catholic Churches Mass Schedule – Bruges, Belgium

With each visit to a city, I tend to come with a post of the Mass Schedule. This round is no exception and I have the Bruges Catholic Churches Mass Schedule in this post.      Bruges Catholic Churches Mass Schedule    The seat of the bishop in Bruges is Sint-Salvator Cathedral, dedicated to Our Savior, in Bruges (Brugge […]

Shanghai Catholic Church Mass Schedules

Per the Shanghai Catholic Diocese website, it is indicating 133 Catholic Church around the diocese. Below are the Shanghai Catholic Church Mass Schedules, that are around the city centre and part of Pudong where it is close proximity of where I used to live in. Shanghai Catholic Church Mass Schedules Basilica of Our Lady of […]

Macau Catholic Churches Mass Schedule

As always, I will attend mass when I am overseas. Likewise, when I am in Macau for holiday, I attended mass in Macau too. I scan through the internet and find it difficult to find Macau Catholic Churches Mass Schedule. So I decided to consolidate the list of Macau Catholic Churches Mass Schedule here for sharing. […]

Church of St Francis, Melbourne - St Francis Church

Church of St Francis, Melbourne Catholic Church Mass Schedule

In Melbourne city there are a number of Catholic Churches. I attended Church of St Francis. It is the oldest church in Victoria. Today, this historical church is surrounded by modern skyscrapers and building. Getting to Church of St Francis is convenience since it is next to Melbourne Central station.     St Francis Church […]