Lau Pa Sat On A Saturday

  As Lau Pa Sat was re-opened and I have went down a few times during weekdays and I found many new stalls and all were very exciting so I thought of bringing my Mom there on a Saturday for lunch. I anticipated that it will be pretty crowded as well but it turned out otherwise. The vibrant, […]

Mamacitas Costa Rican Cusine At Lau Pa Sat

  Update 6 Feb 2015 Mamacitas Costa Rican Cuisine is also another new stall making waves in Lau Pa Sat, attracting large lunch crowds. When I was there at about 1.30pm, there was still a 2 to 3 metres long queue. I waited for almost 30 min before I get to enjoy my food.   […]

Mugiho – View of Bakery Interior

Mugiho Bakery At Lau Pa Sat

  Mugiho Bakery is another stall found in Lau Pa Sat.     There is lots of bread selection. So much till I found myself feeling lost, don’t know what to select. Finally, I decided to pick some of the family favourite bread.     I selected the Sausage Bread, that’s my brother’s favourite. The […]

Lurvy Fresh At Lau Pa Sat, Sweet Yummy Salad – Downtown, Singapore

I am still exploring and trying out what Lau Pa Sat has to offered and Lurvy Fresh is one of the stall in the newly opened Lau Pa Sat that I decided to give it a try today.     Lurvy Fresh serves a very focus menu of salad, pasta,  some snacks (Nibbles) and Pancakes. […]

Delicius Pasticceria - Cake Display Counter

Delicius Pasticceria In The Newly Re-opened Lau Pa Sat

There are lots of good and new stalls in Lau Pa Sat to try them out, as I have sweet sweet tooth, among the first I tried is the cakes offered by Delicius. I am taking my time to explore and try the rest.     Delicius is a Japanese-French inspired pasticceria, hailed from Osaka. The […]

The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar - Sweet Canapes Set

The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar at Lau Pau Sat, Sweet and Lovely

As Lau Pa Sat has finally re-opened after a period of renovation, I went down to explore and find The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar.     The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar is all about flowers. It started as a humble florist; with a great vision and passion, it now branched into […]