Jumbo Seafood Restaurant In iAPM Shanghai Taste Similar To Singapore - Facade Overview

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Shanghai At iAPM Mall, Taste Similar To Singapore – Shanghai, China

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Singapore is a big brand name. No doubt, I have visited numerous time. Strangely, every time was there to entertain visitors from overseas. In particular to introduce them to the famous Chilli Crab in Singapore. It is interesting that I never bring overseas visitors to Mellben or Paradise. They have expanded […]

Bellagio Cafe 鹿港小镇上海, Offering Home-feel Taiwanese Food In Iapm Mall – Shanghai, China

The mentioned of Bellagio Cafe, better known as 鹿港小镇上海 (Lugan Xiao Zhen Shanghai). It might kindle some memory as there was a Lu Gang Xiao Zhen By The Asian Kitchen in ION Orchard. I have never tried the one in Singapore so no comparison can be made. Both serve Taiwanese cuisine in the restuarant though. […]