Sing Hong Kong Cafe - Interior View From the Front

Sing Hong Kong Cafe At Everton Park – Outram, Singapore (Closed)

Sing Hong Kong Cafe has taken over Batterworks Cafe. I was elated to have an additional option. To be exact, another variety added to the area. Since Everton Park was saturated with cafe and bakery, this is refreshing to the vicinity.   The first thing I notice about Sing Hong Kong Cafe when I reached the […]

Dessert And Toast Cafe - My Dine-In Order

Dessert And Toast Cafe – Syed Alwi Road, Jalan Besar, Singapore (Closed)

Dessert And Toast is located at the corner of the shophouse along Syed Alwi Road, perpendicular to Jalan Besar Road. It has taken over the space formerly belonging to some F&B establishment.   The space dressed in mainly monochrome is with some random pictures and accessories. Everything that put together isn’t quite coordinated. But somehow […]

London Fat Duck - Interior

London Fat Duck – Scotts Square, Orchard

London Fat Duck, the Wagyu of Duck is whipping out Duck dishes from Singapore, Scotts Square. From the name one might have thought it to be a Western restaurant, but it isn’t. It is a Hong Kong Styled Restaurant serving typical Hong Kong food such as noodles, roast and Dim Sum. Though my Mom and […]

Match Box Cafe - Interior

Match Box Cafe – Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Match Box Cafe is tucked at quiet street of Causeway Bay of Hong Kong, away from the bustling activities. This part of Causeway Bay is hardly patronised by most.     It is very much a bing sutt with a retro design. It is most prominent, when you entered. A corner filled with all the […]

Bon Bon Cafe At Tai Kok Tsui, Delicious and Friendly Service

  Bon Bon Cafe, better known by its Chinese name 车品品 at Tai Kok Tsui is a small cafe that does not have much seats and more than often not, you will need to be in the queue for seats. I was there with my colleagues on a heavily raining night. Though there isn’t any […]

Ji Zhi Hao Congee and Noodle Cafe - Signboard

Ji Zhi Hao Congee and Noodle Cafe, 極之好粥面茶餐厅, In Mongkok

  There isn’t an English name for 極之好粥面茶餐厅. Based on the pronunciation I came up with the English name, Ji Zhi Hao Congee and Noodle Cafe.     They serve a wide range of food.     There are rice, noodles, congee, pasta and … You can even order some Cantonese styled food item that […]