Bull Terrier in Wittamer Brussels

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this lovely Bull Terrier in Wittamer Brussels. Bull Terrier is a in the terrier family. It has a typical egg-shaped head. They can be both independent and stubborn too. This is usually a large dog that weigh as heavy as 29kg. There is also a minature version, officially […]

A French Bulldog in the Romantic Paris City of France

I spotted this cute little white bodied bulldog in a cafe at Montparnasse, lying on the carpet while her owner, a senior lady, sipping away her Espresso.     There was only a small piece of carpet near the entrance, in the entire cafe. And this little one was so smart to choose to lie on this […]

A Dog in Montmarte, Paris

I was in Montmarte when I saw this cute little sight. It was after our visit to Sacre Coeur. As we were getting to the metro station, along the way. And if I remember correctly, I spotted this when we were walking along Rue des 3 Frères.