Misato , An Unpolished Gem Hidden At Centrepoint, Gastro+ - Misato Facade

Misato, An Unpolished Gem Hidden At Centrepoint, Gastro+ – Orchard, Singapore

Though Misato is all over social media, as strange as it gets, they still remain undiscovered by most. By and large, they are like an hidden unpolished gem awaiting to be unearthed and appreciated by the treasure hunters. Perhaps it is due to the secluded corner they are located in Centrepoint or it is due […]

Pho Street New Menu 2017 With Handful Of Spicy Dishes - Facade of Centrepoint Outlet

Pho Street New Menu 2017 All Under $10 – Orchard, Singapore

Introducing the Pho Street New Menu 2017. With rising prices in this environment, we are glad that Pho Street kept their prices very affordable, with all dishes under $10. We are sure diners will welcome such a wallet-friendly menu.   What’s more, though most of Pho Street outlets are in the heartland, you will still […]

Crystal Jade Kitchen Refreshed Menu With More Cantonese Wok-Fried Dishes At Centrepoint - Facade of Crystal Jade Kitchen at Centrepoint

Crystal Jade Kitchen Refreshed Menu With More Cantonese Wok-Fried Specialties Dishes At Centrepoint – Orchard, Singapore

I am sure most are familiar with Crystal Jade. We previously visited Crystal Jade Prestige at Marina Bay Financial Centre as they introduce new dishes. And now we are turing to Crystal Jade Kitchen Refreshed Menu.    Crystal Jade Kitchen is located throughout all areas in Singapore and within Orchard there are about 3 of […]

Dal.komm Cafe At Centrepoint - Another pose of Mascots with food and drinks

Dal.komm Cafe At Centrepoint – Orchard, Singapore

Korean Cafe are streaming to Singapore. The first that I remember landed in Singapore was Caffe Bene. Now, Singapore welcomes Dal.komm Cafe, also commonly associated with Descendants Of The Sun Cafe. It was made famous after the Korean drama. If I am correct, the another restaurant that was famous due to the same drama was […]

Hong Kong Food In Singapore

In 2016, we see quite a number of Hong Kong Food in Singapore. The trend started when Mak’s Noodle and Coffee Academics entered the Singapore F&B scene. Then we have I See I See Popsicle and then Honolulu with its famous egg tart with x number of layers in the pastries. Currently, all these Hong Kong […]