Rise And Grind Co On HollerOut App - Spread at Rise And Grind

Rise And Grind Coffee Co On HollerOut App

Rise And Grind Coffee Co On HollerOut App!! I am sure many by now, especially peeps who dwell in the West must have either patronised or at least known about Rise And Grind Coffee Co. Me too have been there and done a post previously.   For this post, in addition to the food offered […]

Riise & Grind Coffee Co Cafe - Overview of Exterior

Rise & Grind Coffee Co Cafe – Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore

Rise & Grind Coffee Co is a cafe that chose to locate in the West of Singapore, at Bukit Timah Plaza, a rather old building which comes quite a surprise to me.     The cafe is not in the building of Bukit Timah. To locate the cafe, go to the first floor and look for […]