Best Korean Fried Chicken In Town For 2015 – NAHMJ Picks

Who doesn’t love Fried Chicken? I couldn’t resist just by hearing the 2 words. As my family have the same passion for Fried Chicken as I am, especially my brother-in-law, a eating chicken expert, we were on a Korean Fried Chicken (치맥집) craze. Consisting of 5 tasters in the panel, some times 6, these are […]

Brother Bird - Another view

Brother Bird, Softserve and Mochi Donut – Bali Lane, Bugis, Singapore

With the same address, 30 Bali Lane where it was home to Honeycomb, now it has been transformed to Brother Bird. Behind Brother Bird is the by the same group of owners from the Stateland.     Dropping froyo from the menu and serving only soft serve in a new shape and adding mochi donut to […]

Krave - Interior Wall

Krave Cafe, Delish Halal Cafe – Bali Lane

  Krave is a Halal cafe serving Western food at Bali Lane. It is a few doors away from Stateland Cafe. The range of food served at Krave is huge. From Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Sandwiches, Mains, Sides and a good list of dessert (my fave). With such a wide selection, one might have a difficult time […]

And Why - Interior

And Why Cafe – Bali Lane

And Why, a cafe at Bali Lane, sandwiched between Stateland and Honeycomb has a New York Deli concept which was well executed in all aspects. From the interior design to the menu to the waiters’ uniform. And Why is bought to us by the folks of I Am. They use very intriguing names. Interesting! Since it is […]


Honeycomb, Milk Softserve & Froyo, By Stateland (Closed)

Stateland has jumped onto the latest food trend, introducing the Honeycomb with both Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt. And it is with the ever hype of Honeycomb.     Honeycomb took over the former Stateland with no change in design, that I see that it was a great strategy as most of the patrons would still […]

Stateland Cafe - At A Corner

Stateland Cafe At Bugis, Bali Lane, Singapore

I have been hearing and reading a lot of review about Stateland Cafe and especially about its waffles. And since I am craving for waffles, Stateland Cafe at Bali Lane, near Bugis, was the place.       Stateland Cafe has created a number of different waffles. From the original ones to the innovate and […]