Relishing The Old-Schooled Old Seng Choong Butter Cake Range And Uncle Seng Apple Pie – Singapore

I have good memories of Butter Cake as my Mom loves baking them when I was a kid. When I heard about the old-Schooled Old Seng Choong Butter Cake Range, I was excited even though I am no big fan of Butter Cake, they bring back the good old days memories.    Old Seng Choong, […]

Queen Bee Mother's Day Cheesecake By Cat & The Fiddle X Nature's Farm - Queen Bee Mother's Day Cheesecake

Queen Bee Mother’s Day Cheesecake By Cat & The Fiddle X Nature’s Farm – Singapore

I am a big fan of the cheesecake by Cat & The Fiddle, especially their Fickle Feline. That’s my ultimate favourite ever since I tried them 3 years ago. Ever since, I am a faithful returned customer for this cake. I adored this cake as I don’t get only the best of 2 worlds but 10 […]

Wholesome Snacks From Garden Picks - Selections from Garden Picks

Wholesome Snacks Selections From Garden Picks

Most must have heard of Garden Picks. They provide quality nuts and dried fruits to consumers. Started as a web-based distributor for ordering via online and now they manufacture and pack their own products.   Though we saw lots of post of Garden Picks on Instagram and also online advertisement, this is our first time […]

Salted Egg Snacks In Singapore

Since the salted egg yolk crazed has claimed the shore. We are getting everything Salted Egg, as such there are quite some Salted Egg Snacks in Singapore as well.     Salted Egg Snacks In Singapore   Irvin Salted Egg Available at Raffles Xchange B1 – Weekday  1100 to 1900; Leban HK Cafe  1700 to […]

Edith Patisserie – Cavan Road, Jalan Besar, Singapore (Shifted)

Edith Patisserie is an online bakery with a physical presence at Cavan Road, around Jalan Besar. In short, it isn’t a home based bakery but it has a home style instead. I was pretty keen to try their cake and was hoping that they will go into some retail one day and sell bakes off […]

Pineapple Golf Balls By Addictive Happiness - Inside view of Pineapple Golf Ball

Pineapple Golf Balls By Addictive Happiness – Home Bakery

When the words “Pineapple Golf Balls” were mentioned, many would think of the ones baked by LE Bakery. Personally, I find them expensive. The goodness is there is Pineapple Golf Balls By Addictive Happiness, a home bakery. The best part, Addictive Happiness deliver them to your door step at a minimal fee. You won’t have […]

Cat and Fiddle - 1/2 Fickle Feline

Cat And The Fiddle, Online Cheesecake Store

Cat And The Fiddle is an online cake shop specialising in Cheesecake or rather baking only Cheesecake. I got to know about Cat And The Fiddle through my friend’s post in Facebook with a comment “Cheap and Good”. And it got me tempted to find out how good. This Cheesecake speciality online store has eleven plus […]