The Ultimate Satay Challenge 2016 At Urban Kampung - The Ultimate Satay Challenge 2016 At Urban Kampung

The Ultimate Satay Challenge 2016 At Urban Kampung

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) has organised the Urban Kampung carnival with The Ultimate Satay Challenge 2016 held on 22 October 2016 at Queen Elizabeth Walk (former location of the old Satay Club). The carnival aimed to foster understanding towards Islam and the Malay-Muslim culture through various activities, as well as unite Singaporeans through our […]

Halal Cafes In Singapore

I am sure this post will be welcomed by many. As the number of Halal cafes in Singapore is increasing, I am putting it together in this listing both Halal certified and Muslim-owned cafe.     Halal Cafes In Singapore   EAST   Around East Coast Road   Penny University  402 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428997 […]

The Malayan Council Cafe - Interior

The Malayan Council Cafe – Dunlop Street, Little India, Singapore

Good news for our Muslim cafe-hoppers, yet another Muslim owned cafe has opened, presenting The Malayan Council Cafe. At the same note, I was saddened by the closure of 2 cafes along Dunlop Street, Rouse and Flee Away. It is left with OMB, a bacon theme cafe.   As I approached unit 20 Dunlop Street, […]

321 Clementi Eating Guide on Cafes and Restaurants - 321 Clementi

321 Clementi – Eating Guide on Cafes and Restaurants

321 Clementi has a total of 3 level. It has medical clinic, a cinema by Eng Wah and majority occupied by F&Bs. Some unheard of, while some pretty famous brands as well, providing a mix to the residents in Clementi and a bigger extend those in the West. And here is the list of 321 Clementi Eating […]

Krave - Interior Wall

Krave Cafe, Delish Halal Cafe – Bali Lane

  Krave is a Halal cafe serving Western food at Bali Lane. It is a few doors away from Stateland Cafe. The range of food served at Krave is huge. From Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Sandwiches, Mains, Sides and a good list of dessert (my fave). With such a wide selection, one might have a difficult time […]

And Why - Interior

And Why Cafe – Bali Lane

And Why, a cafe at Bali Lane, sandwiched between Stateland and Honeycomb has a New York Deli concept which was well executed in all aspects. From the interior design to the menu to the waiters’ uniform. And Why is bought to us by the folks of I Am. They use very intriguing names. Interesting! Since it is […]

Wilder - Interior Overview

Wilder Cafe At North Bridge Road

  Wilder Cafe has taken over the space of De’Pop Culture Cafe and transformed into a cool, hipster look. From a colourful theme to an industrial theme. The two looks are a far cry.     You will see cemented wall with some plastering looks on it and chairs with metallic frame. As lots of wood […]

Local Adapted Taqueria Mexican Tacos In Hawker Style

I got to know that Golden Shoes Food Centre has a new stall selling Mexican Taco and I went down the very day. Somehow, I kept thinking that the stall was at level two but it was at level three. The menu was simple. There were four types of Taco