Getting To Macau From Hong Kong International Airport - HKIA - Before Immigration

Getting To Macau From Hong Kong International Airport

Though I have been to Macau a few times, it has always been taking the ferry from Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal at Sheung Wan. Getting to Macau from Hong Kong International Airport was never the choice. I thought I should give it a try for once.   My first experience for the trip was […]

中心咖啡美食 Centre Coffee Cafe - Seating area

中心咖啡美食 Centre Coffee Cafe – Taipa, Macau

中心咖啡美食 Centre Coffee Cafe is the English name I translated from its Chinese name. It is a little unassuming shop at a corner along Rua do Cunha in Taipa Village. Though the street is filled with tourists all day long, this shop is very often missed.   This is a typical Hong Kong styled cafe […]

地堡茶餐廳 - Cafe Dining Area

地堡茶餐廳 Rua do Regedor Cafe – Taipa, Macau

Over at Taipa, there are many Hong Kong styled cafe and many famous eat where you can pick and choose at your whims. When it is a public holiday, this wouldn’t be the case as many shops will be closed. On 21 Oct 2015, it was a public holiday at Macau and we were left […]

House of Fins 官翅 - Facade

House of Fins 官翅 – Rua da Felicidade, Macau

House of Fins 官翅 doesn’t have an English name for its shop. I translated it from its Chinese name. The fins here are refering to shark fins. I know, I know, we should be conserving the sharks but once in a while indulgence, I suppose. Over at Macau, in particular, along Rua da Felicidade, there are […]

Holiday Inn Macao Cotai - Sand Cotai Hotels Facade

Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central Hotel – Macau

Holiday Inn Macao Cotai, located at Cotai Strip is part of the Sand Cotai arena with 3 other hotels interconnected via the 1st 3 floors (including the ground floors) of shopping, dinning and gaming. The 3 other hotels are St Regis Macao, Conrad Macao and Sheraton Macao     Area   Located at the Cotai […]

Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 - Toothpick

Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 – Fa Chi Kei, Macau

Lou Kei Noodle 老記粥麵 is at the edge of the touristy centre of Macau Peninsular. Most may not visit this area, unless specifically for the food. We thought we should walk a little further this round to test out whether it is over-rated like most restaurant.     In addition, it is a Michelin recommended […]

Fernando Restaurant - Entrance

Fernando Restaurant, Portuguese – Hac Sa, Macau

Whenever I am at Macau, Portuguese Cuisine is a must. This round, I chose Fernando Restaurant located at Hac Sa. Though it is rather far, at the other corner of Macau where you are away from all actions. Away from the touristy and away from the gaming scene. But you have a pleasant, peaceful beach […]

Cafes In Macau - Tea Break At Communal Table

Cafes In Macau Listing For Fixing Caffeine Needs

  I need caffeine daily so I did look up and look out for cafes in Macau on my trip with my Mom too. There isn’t much cafes in Macau, however, there are some outstanding ones, serving awesome coffee.     Cafes In Macau   Single Origin Edificio Tong Fat, Rua de Abreu Nunes, Macau […]

Macau Attractions - Ruin of St Paul

Macau Attractions That Mom and I Visited

  Many people lamented that there is nothing much to see in Macau, but I beg to differ. It has its beauty to be appreciated. We were at Macau for 2 days, we did not manage to cover all the Macau Attractions that we wanted to visit.     List of Macau Attractions   Senado Square […]

Must Eat Macau Food

Must Eat Food In Macau For Sharing

Though I have been to Macau but I still need to do some homework. So while I was preparing for my 2015 Macau trip with my Mom, I have found a good number of must eats food in Macau, popular eats, highly recommended eats and also Michelin recommended eats and so I thought it would be […]