Hip and Cool Yandai Xie Street (烟袋斜街) In Beijing

Yandai Xie Street (烟袋斜街) is as hip as Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷). Yandai Xie Street has been awarded the Chinese Historical and Cultural Street. The second street with this title. The first was the Guozijian Street (国子监街).  Yandai Xie means Tobacco Pouch when translated. This is a famous commercial street for Tobacco trade during the Qing Dynasty. It […]

Best Two Dumplings Restaurants in Beijing - Bao Yuan Dumpling Restaurant - Colourful Skin

Best Two Dumplings Restaurants in Beijing

If you are going to Beijing and would want to have some Chinese dumpling (饺子), you must patronise these 2 best dumplings restaurants in Beijing. They are Bao Yuan Dumpling Restaurant and Xian Lao Man Dumpling Restaurant. These two dumpling restaurants served the best dumplings in Beijing.     Dumplings Restaurants in Beijing   Baoyuan […]

Beijing Xiao Wang's Home Restaurant

Beijing Xiao Wang’s Home Restaurant, Home-styled Food

Beijing Xiao Wang’s Home Restaurant (北京小王府) serves Beijing style home cooked food. There are a number of Beijing Xiao Wang’s Home Restaurant in Beijing and I went to the one in the Ritan Park (日坛公园). It was located in a lovely park. Lots of residents in the area were enjoying the greens in the evening. […]

Summer Palace, Beijing - Entrance

The Summer Palace in Beijing, China

Every places of interest in China is huge, so is the Summer Palace in Beijing. The place is so huge, you might have to spend at least 4 – 5 hours there to cover most of the park if not the entire day.     Within the summer palace, there are a few other places […]

Beijing Noodle Bar - Bar Counter

Beijing Noodle Bar, Great Beef Noodles

Before my trip to Beijing, I google the net for some good noodle places. I found the Noodle bar. There was numerous review and were rating it as Excellent so I went down to check it.     The shop is rather small and the menu is simple. They served mainly beef  noodles. There are […]

The Forbidden City (故宫) – Meridian Gate

Forbidden City Beijing, A Glimpse of History

I previously have a post on if you only have time for one attraction in Beijing, which will you choose, The Forbidden City or The Great Wall. The poll can be found here. I chose The Forbidden City for various reason. And now, there is one more reason why you should choose the Forbidden City […]

Hua's Restaurant (花家怡园)

Hua’s Restaurant (花家怡园) In A Ancient Architecture, Siheyuan (四合院) Beijing

There are quite a number of Hua’s Restaurant in Beijing and along Guijie, there are three. We went to the Hua’s Courtyard Restaurant at Guijie Street (花家怡园 四合院店). The restaurant is in a siheyuan (四合院). Siheyuan is a historical residential architecture in China. The structure is mainly a square courtyard surrounded by one storey building with […]

Donglaishun Hot Pot (乐来顺) – The Popular Hot Pot in Beijing China

Donglaishun Hot Pot (乐来顺) is a very famous hot pot shop in Beijing. It is Halal, good news for our Muslim friends.     Hot pot is an extremely popular food in China, which is enjoyed all year round but it is extremely popular during Autumn and Winter season. As you eat, you are seated […]

Alba Cafe - Interior 1

Alba Cafe in Beijing China – Cool and Contrast,

Alba Cafe is situated at Gulou East Street (鼓搂东大街). Gulou East Street is perpendicular to Nanluoguxiang. When I step into the cafe, I was surprised to see a painting of a sofa to gel with the table and seats that are beside the wall. There are a few more wall paintings to gel with the furniture […]

In Search of High Tea in Beijing, Capital M Beijing

Capital M Beijing high tea is very popular and it has pretty good reviews. I should test it out to find out myself. I have always like high tea. Whenever I am in a city, I like to search for a comfy cafe or restaurant that serves great delicious pastries or cakes. If they have good scones, that […]