LiHO Cheese Tea! Have You Tried Them Yet? Singapore - LiHO Say Cheese Poster

LiHO Cheese Tea! Have You Tried Them Yet? – Singapore

We just got over a BAKE cheese tart fever. But here comes another cheese craze! Now available in the form of Cheese Tea from LiHO! Are you ready for this bizarre drink that is immensely popular in China and Malaysia now?   As the name suggests, Cheese Tea is tea with cheese. Simple. But is […]

Where To Find The Sensational Raindrop Cake In Singapore

What is that Silicon breast implant looking thingy? The answer is Raindrop Cake. It is also known as Mizu Shingen Mochi. This Raindrop Cake has taken the instagram by storm. But that storm has not come to Singapore. Meanwhile, where could we find the Raindrop Cake in Singapore.   Before we look at where to find […]

Lava Toast In Singapore 2016

Looks like Lava Toast is on the rise after the Salt Egg Lava Croissants setting the trend on our shore. Ever since consumers have been chasing the Salted Egg. Tailing it, the F&B in Singapore has come up with the Lava Toast, keeping the interest high for all sorts of Lava products high. It seems like any oozing […]