Tai Cheong Bakery Cha Chaang Teng At Holland Village - Facade

Tai Cheong Bakery Cha Chaang Teng At Holland Village – Holland Village, Singapore

Tai Cheong Bakery from Hong Kong first venture in Singapore was a counter at the Food Hall of Takashimaya located at Basement 2. After seeing Singaporean’s love for their egg tart, a second establishment, the Tai Cheong Bakery Cha Chaang Teng was opened at Hollang Village. This is a joint venture between the Food People Ptd […]

Hong Kong Food In Singapore

In 2016, we see quite a number of Hong Kong Food in Singapore. The trend started when Mak’s Noodle and Coffee Academics entered the Singapore F&B scene. Then we have I See I See Popsicle and then Honolulu with its famous egg tart with x number of layers in the pastries. Currently, all these Hong Kong […]

Sing Hong Kong Cafe - Interior View From the Front

Sing Hong Kong Cafe At Everton Park – Outram, Singapore (Closed)

Sing Hong Kong Cafe has taken over Batterworks Cafe. I was elated to have an additional option. To be exact, another variety added to the area. Since Everton Park was saturated with cafe and bakery, this is refreshing to the vicinity.   The first thing I notice about Sing Hong Kong Cafe when I reached the […]