Donburi King, Don Specialist At Paya Lebar Quarter – Paya Lebar, Singapore

By now, most would have known about the latest shopping mall in Singapore, Paya Lebar Quarter, also known as PLQ for short. It is yet another mall filled with F&B shops. One of which is Donburi King. Donburi King specialises in Don. They offered both Kaisen Don and Hot Donburi. The signature item at this […]

Petite Joy Bakes, From Dream To Reality – Tai Seng, Singapore

Petite Joy Bakes is a cake studio located at 1 Irving Place, near Tai Seng MRT station; offers a range of standard and customised bakes. Started from Cherie’s simple dream of baking birthday cake for her daughter’s first birthday; from a dream, now a reality. I am a big fan of Lychee Rose Cake. Whenever […]

Dajia Noodles, Taiwan Top Noodles, Now Available At Ju Hao - Dajia Noodles

Dajia Noodles, Taiwan Top Noodles, Now Available At Ju Hao – Paya Lebar, Singapore

You might have already heard of Dajia Noodles 大甲干面, especially if you travel to Taiwan. It is rated as the top noodles in Taiwan and many tourists have returned back with packages of these delicious noodles. If you are fan of this noodle, the good news is you don’t have to travel all the way […]

BreadTalk IHQ Eating Guide to Cafe & Restaurants - Building

BreadTalk IHQ – Eating Guide On Cafes And Restaurants And Many More

NAHMJ has previously written a post on 18 Tai Seng, the Michelin star branded restaurant heaven. In this post, we are featuring the dinning option at BreadTalk IHQ which isn’t far from the former.   BreadTalk IHQ is designed by award winning local architect Tan Kay Ngee. The designed was inspired by the Danish pastry. […]

Carol Mel Cafe Re-visit, At Irvin Place – Tai Seng, Singapore

I first visited Carol Mel Cafe when they started operation in 2015. My Carol Mel Cafe Re-visit was more than a year later. In fact, this re-visit was unintentional. It was due to some unforseen circumstances, hence we ended there.   The interior remains untouch. Perhaps some accessories were changed. Minimally, no structural or fixture changes and […]

Knots Cafe And Living At Orion Centre Along Paya Lebar, Singapore - Another view at dinning area

Knots Cafe And Living At Orion Centre – Paya Lebar, Singapore

Knots Cafe and Living is originally a furniture shop with a florist in it. Somehow, it seems popular to have non-F&B business extending its arm into the cafe. A few example are Shamrock Cafe, Avenue Cafe and DW Workshop.   Throughout the space, there are lots of mix and match. However, diners won’t find the design messy or […]

Ministry Of Durian, Paya Lebar, Singapore - Overview of interior

Ministry Of Durian – Paya Lebar, Singapore

By now, Durian lovers must have heard of Ah Seng, 717, Combat Durian. These are some of the popular Durian sellers in Singapore. Recently, we have Ministry Of Durian as one of the latest addition to the durian scene.   According to Ministry of Durian FB page, it states that they believe in sourcing the best durian […]

My Sister Bakes - Available Cakes

My Sister Bakes – MacPherson, Singapore

My Sister Bakes is a humble looking shop located at Block 81 of Macpherson residential estate. It started as an online home bakey before getting a shop as its bakery. I have wanted to pop by to try their cake ever since I spotted them on instagram, when their shop was under renovation. But never […]

Open Crumb Cafe - Interior

Open Crumb Cafe – Ubi, Eunos, Singapore

Open Crumb Cafe is the first cafe I know of to open within the residential area of Ubi. Though having cafe in the residential isn’t new, having the cafe in this mature estate with mainly industrial surrounding it, I am certainly not sure if it is a good choice. Perhaps, it is great on weekdays […]

Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe - A Wall

Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe – Paya Lebar Square, Singapore

Blocs Inc Coffee Cafe was formerly operated under the name Kaldi Berry at China Square. It is now with a new name at a new location, Paya Lebar Square.   The cafe is located at a corner, sort of next to the bus stop and the exit of Paya Lebar MRT station. I thought it is […]