The Queen's Cats Cafe - Al Fresco Seats

The Queen’s Cats Cafe – Holland Village, Singapore (Closed)

I walked passed The Queen’s Cats Cafe, while they were still in their first week of soft launch, it was the lovely, sweet white based design of the facade that caught my attention. The 2 chairs and table that were placed on the right reminded me of the cafe in Europe; the directions of the […]

Crazy Over The Top Milkshakes In Singapore – Where To Find

These crazy, gorgeous-looking over the top milkshakes in Singapore are growing. There are many names and description given to it. Such as Freakshakes, Over The Top Milkshakes, Crazy Shakes and I don’t know what else could it be described. Each cafe offering this tall dessert is giving an unique name to these photogenic worthy milkshakes. Would […]

Family Dinner At Casa Verde @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

We decided to have dinner together on the day of Cookies’ staycation. My sister suggested to have dinner at Casa Verde at the Singapore Botanic Gardens since they allowed pets. Moreover, she has visited a few times previously and find the food to be good. Since Casa Verde is by Les Amis Group, I am confident […]

Sunday Folks - Counter

Sunday Folks @ Chip Bee Gardens Serving Soft Serve

  Creamier is now turning to Soft Serve Ice Cream with the opening of Sunday Folks, at a hipster area, Holland Village. And to be specific, it is at Chip Bee Gardens. Unlike their first venture which is at a quiet neighbourhood. This new venture seems to be they are really into attracting the young […]

The Milky Way Ice Cream and Coffee - Counter

The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee At Tanglin Halt

Yet another ice cream cafe entering the scene, The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee. This ice cream cafe is located at Tanglin Halt. Among the old traditional shop, in the centre is this modern looking cafe.     The cafe specialises in homemade ice cream. There are waffles, tea and coffee served as […]

The Fat Cat Bistro - Bistro Interior

The Fat Cat Bistro At Holland Village, Singapore, Serving Three Different Cuisines – Holland Village, Singapore (Closed)

My lunch today was at The Fat Cat Bistro at Holland Village, though my original plan was to lunch at the newly open Three Buns by The Potato Head folks along Keong Saik Street, that serves the most talked about in town burgers. This was due to one of our colleague was moving back to India, […]

Stirling Highway - Specials

Stirling Highway At Ridgewood Close, Singapore, Truly A Hidden Gem

Stirling Highway Cafe is at the end of Ridgewood Close. This cafe is very well hidden in the mid of a private estate, surrounded by condominiums and landed properties.     You can read all about how Stirling Highway budded, formed and their vision on their facebook page.     I was at the cafe […]

d'Good Cafe - Cake Display Counter

Playful d’Good Cafe at Holland Village Singapore

d’Good Cafe is a cafe in Holland Village. It’s a pretty huge cafe, covering two floors, second and third floow, with three different theme of seating area. It is quite a “playful” cafe, with a few teddy bears lying around, two beanie bags for guests and two swings. There is a life leading to the […]

Adorable Hatched at Holland Village

Hatched is on Holland Avenue, basically it is in the vicinity of Holland Village. Everything in Hatched is revolved around Eggs and some Chicken. Once you entered the cafe, you see lots of accessories of eggs & chicken, very adorable.     Even the menu is all about eggs. They have scrambled eggs, poached eggs, […]

Park At Holland Village, A Greenhouse

I brought my mom to Park @ Holland Village for brunch on Vesak Day. Park @ Holland Village is by the side of the Holland Village Park. The cafe is with solar panels on the roof, a green initiative.     Park @ Holland welcomes doggies. There were two doggies accompanied their owners when we […]