Milk And Honey Gelato – Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS, Singapore

Do not confused Milk And Honey Gelato with the other Milk And Honey which offers froyo. Milk And Honey Gelato only has 2 outlets; one at Bedok which offers only gelato while the Bukit Batok outlet, on top of gelato, whipped food out of the kitchen there too.   Milk And Honey at Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS […]

Sunset Railway Cafe - Interior, Counter

Sunset Railway Cafe – Sunset Way, Clementi, Singapore

When the word cafe is mentioned, we tend to think of egg ben, cappuccino and so. But Sunset Railway Cafe isn’t whipping the typical cafe food, instead it features local fare. I was looking forward to my cafe hopping at Sunset Railway Cafe. Yet another one with local delicacies. The previous one I visited was Shen […]

The Usual Place Cafe - Order Counter

The Usual Place Cafe – Jurong East, Chinese Garden, Singapore (Closed)

I am pretty certain that cafe hoppers in the West would welcome The Usual Place Cafe where there is a very low number of cafe in the area. Though of late, there are sign of more entrants. Hopefully, this is the beginning to more great things to come.     Upon entering, I thought Christmas […]

Doi Chaang Coffee Cafe - 321 Clementi - My Order at Doi Chaang Coffee, 321 Clementi

Doi Chaang Coffee Cafe – 321 Clementi

Doi Chaang Coffee Cafe -321 Clementi is its second outlet after the first at Rochester Mall. Both are opened in the same year, 2015. Interestingly, both outlets are in the West. In case you have not heard of Doi Chaang Coffee, here is a brief introduction. The coffee are grown and roasted in Doi Chaang […]

321 Clementi Eating Guide on Cafes and Restaurants - 321 Clementi

321 Clementi – Eating Guide on Cafes and Restaurants

321 Clementi has a total of 3 level. It has medical clinic, a cinema by Eng Wah and majority occupied by F&Bs. Some unheard of, while some pretty famous brands as well, providing a mix to the residents in Clementi and a bigger extend those in the West. And here is the list of 321 Clementi Eating […]

Thai Coconut Ice Cream Served In A Husk – Where To Find In Singapore

Many would have craved for the Chatuchak Market Thai Coconut Ice Cream served in a husk after having it in Bangkok. And if so, good news! There are more and more Ice Cream stand are serving this dessert in Singapore and I went round Singapore to find who has the best Thai Coconut Ice Cream served in […]

Vons Chicken - Another view Interior

Vons Chicken Singapore, Korean Fried Chicken – 321 Clementi, Singapore (Closed)

Another Korean Fried Chicken Outlet is opened, Vons Chicken. It is located at 321 Clementi.       It is a fast food style restaurant. Order at the counter, drinks dispensed and you get a buzzer for collection of food.     Vons Chicken has considerably provide gloves for diners.     This is awesome. […]

Thai Coconut Ice Cream Served In A Husk - Wimi Traditional Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Wimi Ice Cream Parlour – Clementi, Singapore

At the ground floor of 321 Clementi, one of the shop, that’s where you find Wimi Ice Cream, a takeaway ice cream stand with Thai Coconut Ice Cream as its specialty.     The space is really tiny. Almost like a hole in the wall kind. The area for ordering certainly can’t fit any more than […]

Cafes in Singapore That Offer Pat Bingsu

Pat Bingsu is a Korean Shaved Ice with Red Bean dessert and it is the first Korean dessert that I know of. When I first tried Bingsu, it reminded me of our Ice Kacang. Hehe. A heap of shaved ice with flavoured syrup poured over it and topped with some ingredients and at the base, there […]

One Ice Cafe - Overview

One Ice Cafe At J.Cube, Jurong East

  One Ice Cafe is a Korean cafe, selling Korean desserts, Korean drinks. It is located within the J Avenue, facing Itacho Sushi.     It has a very focus menu with Bing Su, shaved ice with toppings and Korean Egg Bread, Brownie, some Korean Tea & Drinks, and Coffee. It’s a once glance menu. Most who […]