KitchenAid Mini Assists In Whipping Delicious Pasta – Singapore

When I attended the KitchenAid Mini Moment Garden Party previously, I was impressed with KitchenAid latest Stand Mixer. The Mini Stand Mixer is small but yet powerful. This Mini Mixer has a tagline of 25% lighter, 20% smaller and yet as powerful as the Artisan version. If you have read my previous post on KitchenAid […]

Storming Culinary On Kitchen With A 3-course Modern Mediterranean Meal - Culinary On Counter

Storming Culinary On Kitchen With A 3-course Modern Mediterranean Meal – Raffles Place, Singapore

Most of us know of some sort of cooking classes. Some are purely demo, while others may have hands on. What about hawit both the demo and hands-on together with entertainment? Do that sound fun? I assured you that it is fun-filled after experiencing my first class at Culinary On.   Who is Culinary On? […]

Matcha Lava Cake Recipe In 2 Simple Steps

I am sure most love the Lava Cake. Me too am one of them. Recently, I learned about a Matcha Lava Cake Recipe in 2 steps. I thought this was not only easy but convenient. In addition, I like to believe the success rate as high since I succeeded in first attempt.     Matcha […]

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies Recipe - Finished products

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies Recipe – Tasty and Easy to Make

I love the Salted Egg Yolk and it is one of the most versatile ingredients that I know. It can be used in Savoury dishes or Desserts. It is almost to the extend of it tastes good with every ingredients. With the love of Salted Egg Yolk, I learned to bake the Salted Egg Yolk […]