Hahndorf German Village - Pioneer Memorial Garden

Hahndorf German Village in Adelaide, Australia

Hahndorf is a German Village in Australia. It was mainly occupied by the Lutheran Germans. The Lutheran German migrants came to Australia and settled at Adelaide Hill for the fear of persecution by King of Prussia back in the early 17th century. It is now considered as the oldest surviving town in Australia. The German […]

Mount Lofty Summit, Adelaide - Mount Lofty Summit

Mount Lofty Summit, Adelaide, South Australia

Mount Lofty Summit is for the nature lovers. It is located in the Adelaide Hills. The peak is 710 metres above sea level. You can get to the lookout point to have a panoramic view of the city and towns.     On a clear and blue sky day, you may see as Kangaroo Islands […]

Adelaide - Port Adelaide - Port Adelaide Light House

Port Adelaide, Australia

Port Adelaide, Australia is rich in maritime history. Lots of traces of maritime attactions can be seen there such as the light house, the museum and visiting ships. Port Adelaide is another place where you can find dolphin watching, beside Glenelg. Other activities include walks. If you need any assistance, drop by at the Visitor Information Centre. It […]

By The Beach, Glenelg, South Australia

Glenelg, South Australia is by the beach. It has much to offer, from shopping to water sports and there are a number of trails to walk. Another interesting activity is dolphins watching. If you are interested, all the more you should plan a visit. You can book the tour via Temptation Sailing. There are various markets that you can […]

Adelaide Catholic Church Mass Schedule - St Francis Xavier Cathedral

Adelaide Catholic Church Mass Schedule

There are four catholic churches in Adelaide city. I attended St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral when I was in Adelaide.     Adelaide Catholic Church Mass Schedule   St Francis Xavier Cathedral 17 Wakefield Street, Adelaide Tel: 8232 8688 Website: http://www.adelcathparish.org/Catholic-Cathedral/Home-Cathedral.htm     Weekday Mass: Monday – Friday  0800, 1210, 1745; Saturday  0800, 1130   Weekend Mass: Saturday Vigil  […]

Hahndorf German Village - Otto Bakery

Traditionally-Looking Otto’s Bakery in Hahndorf, German Village at Adelaide, South Australia

When I was at the Hahndorf German Village, I decided to dropped by Otto’s Bakery for an afternoon tea break with some drinks and pastry or cakes. Otto’s Bakery looks like the very traditonal kind of Oz bakery.     Otto’s Bakery served an array of cakes and pastry and all look delicious. As a result, […]

McLaren Vale in South Australia

McLaren Vale is a notable wine region in Australia. This region has about 65 cellar doors. If Shiraz is your choice of wine, McLaren Vale is the must visit place as it specialises in Shiraz. Other excellent choices from McLaren Vale are Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. How could I not visit a winery when in Australia, […]