Bull Terrier in Wittamer Brussels

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this lovely Bull Terrier in Wittamer Brussels. Bull Terrier is a in the terrier family. It has a typical egg-shaped head. They can be both independent and stubborn too. This is usually a large dog that weigh as heavy as 29kg. There is also a minature version, officially […]

Pierre Marcolini Lovely Colourful Macaroons

When we were at Pierre Marcolini, I was attracted by the colourful macaroons displayed over the counter. As a result I was tempted by these lovely sweets.

Famously Belgian Chocolate in Brussels

Belgium is world famous for its chocolate. There are many world reknown brand. One of my favourite chocolate brand is also from Belgium, Leonidas. When visiting Belgium, one would never want to miss out getting some chocolate for their family friends, and love ones. Moreover, chocolate has lots of health benefits too. A good reason […]

Maison Antoine

Hooked on Belgian Fries in Brussels – Maison Antoine

The first Belgian fries that we tried in Brussels, Belgium, was at a store near the Grand Place. It was fried till golden brown, and was piping hot and crispy. Delicious. Even my aunt enjoyed the fries very much. We decided that we needed for fries to satisfy our craving so our search for fries […]

Waffles War at Maison Dandoy, Liege versus Brussels

  There are two types of waffles served in Belgium. The Liege waffles or Brussels waffles. The Liege waffle tastes a little more chewy, more bread-like while the Brussels waffle is more crispy and hollow to the bite.     The Liege waffle is a street snack in Brussels. Many shops along the streets are […]