Dashi Master Marusaya’s NEW Lunch Sets – Roberston Quay

Dashi Master Marusaya, located at Roberston Quay, facing the serene Singapore River is fame for their Dashi Shabu Shabu which I tried previously and I love it. With three private rooms, the 90-seater Dashi Master Marusaya is perfect for business lunches and a casual meal with your loved ones. Dashi Master Marusaya is the flagship […]

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street - Overview of Interior

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street – Telok Ayer

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant, a family-style restaurant, located along Amoy Street, next to Chengdu Restuarant. Specialising in Inaniwa udon, yakitori, sushi and affordable bento sets. Kiyoshi’s main focus is on light and wholesome meal. Opened in late May, the 80-seater restaurant has a cosy, spacious and contemporary interior, ideal for family gatherings and dinner with friends […]

Mousse Cake

Matcha Mousse Cake Recipe

Matcha dessert always resulted in traction on my instagram. The reason is simple. As there are many people who love Matcha. I am one of them. I could never resist a Matcha dessert especially when it is right in front of me. Here is our version of Match Mousse Cake, tried and tested. The result […]

Basque Burnt Cheese Cake Recipe

Basque Burnt Cheese Cake Recipe

Ingredients430g cream cheese100g caster sugar3 large egg20g cake flour270g heavy cream 1 tsp vanilla extract1 tsp lemon juice Steps:1. Cream cheese and sugar till creamy2. Add in the egg. Mix well. 3. Follow by the vanilla extract and lemon juice.4. Fold in the flour and heavy cream.5. Bake at 240 degree C, 30-35mins

Earl Grey Lychee Cake Recipe

Earl Grey Lychee Cake Recipe

It is common to find Earl Grey Lavender, instead, we decided to give is a spin and we baked Earl Grey Lychee Cake. Earl Grey Cake – Ingredients250gram unsalted butter, soft250gram sugar250gram self-raising flour20gram earl grey tea leaves – pound finely (TWG tea leaves used) can use any brand that you like 4 eggs3 tablespoon […]

Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe - Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Who doesn’t love a rich chocolaty Chocolate Fudge Cake. It’s resistible especially for those who love chocolate. As long as you don’t dislike chocolate, try this rich chocolaty recipe. Chocolate Cake Layers Ingredients 3 cups all plain flour 3 cups caster sugar 1 1/2 cups unsweetened cocoa powder 1 tablespoon baking soda 1 1/2 teaspoon […]

Gula Melaka Infused Grated Coconut With Panda Cake Recipe

Instead of making the popular Ondeh Ondeh Cake. What we have here is a variant which I termed it as Gula Melaka Infused Grated Coconut With Panda Cake. In this cake, we tried to give is a spin. With have 2 different types of cake texture in the cake; a dense bottom layer and a […]

Dinner Roll Recipe

Ingredients:250g bread flour 22g sugar 3g salt3g yeast120g milk64g water10g unsalted butter Preheat the oven at 190 degree. Combine all the dry ingredients and mix together Add on the yeast, milk and water Mix them into a dough and knead the dough for about 10mins Add the butter and continue to knead for 5mins Make […]

8 Best Takeaway And Delivery During Circuit Breaker – Singapore

I came up with the Best Takeaway And Deliver food selection post after the Circuit Breaker is over a month of Circuit Breaker in Singapore. As I have tried enough of takeaway and delivery to come up with a post. During this period, on most days, I have been eating healthier, since my family cooked. […]

Tiramisu Recipe

As I have some requests for the Tiramisu Recipe after I posted the delicious mouthwatering Tiramisu photo on my Instagram and Facebook. Here is the recipe. Happy making them Ingredients500g mascarpone cheese5 eggs (must be fresh), separate the egg yolk and white120gm sugarSavoiadri cookies (lady fingers)Fresh brew strong coffee (set aside to cool)Bailey / Coffee […]