CakeDelivery.SG Online Same Day Delivery – Singapore

Have you ever needed a cake like really last minute. Like in an hour time, because you forgot someone’s birthday until a friend reminded you. Or maybe your boss needed a cake to send to an associate. There might be many more reasons to that last minute cake and CakeDelivery.SG comes to the rescue.

I was recently introduced to CakeDelivery.SG. It was managed by a team of passionate bakers and I was told they can deliver on the same day, midnight and overnight. I find it too good to be true. And my million dollar question was, does the cake taste good. This is a very important factor for me. Nevertheless, I brace myself for the worse and I tried their service. I ordered an Ondeh Ondeh Cake.

I was surprised that website was easy to use. One of the online website with the minimum click and I could complete my order.

Once completed, I received a confirmation email in my mailbox.

What I was impressed is that it did arrived within the 1 hour slot that I selected. It dispelled my skeptic about their service.

When I opened the big white plain box, I was a bit disappointed to see a plain ugly, very greenish cake. I am a big fan of Ondeh Ondeh Cake, after tasting the cake, I must say it met my expectation. I gave some to another Ondeh Ondeh fan to try and he likes it.

The sponge cakes were sandwiched with Gula Melaka and gula melaka infused desiccated coconut. Though I would prefer to have solely gula melaka.

NAHMJ Verdict

After this positive first experience, I see myself ordering from them, especially when I needed a last minute cake.