New Year Goodies 2020 Recommendation

New Year Goodies 2020, here is the list of our recommendation. Since we surely need to get them ready to serve our guest. Let’s impress them.

New Year Goodies 2020

We have picked our top 5 items.



About 20 flavours to spoil you. Some of our favourites flavours are Caramel, Salted Egg, BBQ and Butter Caramel.

Mr Bae


The team behind Golden Moments created the Mr Bae Spicy Bak Kwa. We thought it was extremely smart of them to offer consumers Mala version. We are extremely certain that this product will storm Singapore.

Mdm Ling Bakery


One of my favourite bakery which I highly recommends. A handful of favourite items include, Kueh Bangkit, Hae Bee Hiam Cookies, Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Almond Cookies and New Zealand’s Premium Anchor Butter Cookies. There is a rarely seen cookies, Green Pea Cookies. Don’t forget the new flavour, Kopi Siew Dai Cookies.

Cemani Chicken Skin


Instead of Fish Skin Snack, for a change why not Cereal Chicken Skin by Cemani. It can be added on your Yu Sheng for that extra crunch.

Old Seng Choong


Yet another favourite brand, Old Seng Choong. If you love Pineapple Tarts, this is certainly the turned to choice. This year there are two exciting flavours – Imperial Recipes: Herbal Chicken Cookies 富贵帝皇鸡 and Taste of Fortune: Fatt Choy Cookies花开富贵. Both savoury cookies are extremely addictive!