Dosirak Food

Dosirak @ Suntec City; Fast, Healthy, Korean Food – Esplanade, Singapore

Dosirak @ Suntec is the third outlet after the recent Somerset opening. Korean food is getting popular in Singapore. More and more are sprouting. We aren’t surprise that Dosirak is getting their fare of fans as well.

I was glad that I finally got the chance to give this health bibim a try.

It is easy to order. First pick a main. If you enjoy spicy, choose Spicy Chicken, otherwise, go for Soy Sesame Chicken or Beef Bulgogi. There is a vegan option, Kimichi Tofu. I opted the Beef.

Next pick 5 sides. The sides might change from time to time so depending on what’s available. My pick was cucumber, kimichi, spinach, purple cabbage and beansprout. Lastly pick a base; 5-Grain Rice, Buckwheat Noodle and the healthiest Cauliflower Rice. You can pick an add-on of Mushroom or Onsen Egg.

How to enjoy? First add sauce. Choose from addictive Soy Garlic Jang, Traditional spicy Omma’s Gochujang and appetitising sweet and tangy Apple Cider Gochujang. Next, cover the lid. Then give it a minute of good shake. Now enjoy.

In addition to the Bibim, there are 2 sides to choose from; Classic Spicy Tteokbokki and Creamy Truffle Tteokbokki.

NAHMJ Verdict

The bibim at Dosirak @ Suntec is within 500 kcal, making it healthier. It may be healthy, taste was not comprised either. Furthermore, I was very full after the meal.

Dosirak @ Suntec

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-170 Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Tel: Nil


Opening Hours

Daily 1000 to 2200

Getting There


  • Circle line – Promenade station or Esplanade station (Exit A)
  • Downton line – Promenade

By Bus:

  • Suntec Convention Center   36, 70M, 97, 97e, 106, 111, 133, 162, 502, 502A, 518, 518A, 537, 700, 857, 868
  • Millenia Walk   36, 56, 75, 77, 97, 107M, 171, 195, 960, 961, NR2, NR5, NR7, NR8

Rating: 7.5/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.