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Salted Plum @ Suntec City, 2nd outlet – Esplanade, Singapore

Salted Plum @ Suntec City is their second outlet after the success of the first at Circular Road. This, like Sushi Airways, is yet another F&B that was on my bucket list. I couldn’t help but lament about I should have tried them earlier.

Located at basement 1 of Suntec City, near to the Fountain of Wealth. Take the escalator next to Crispy Kreme on the ground floor. This is a self-service outlet unlike the full-service restaurant at Circular Road.

They offered both Ala Carte Menu with dishes priced at $5, $10 and $15. Another option is the Set Menu for 2 ($50) and for 4 ($100).

From The Menu Of Salted Plum @ Suntec City

We tried the set menu for 4 with 12 dishes, a dessert and 4 drinks. All items are available in the ala carte menu too.

Set Menu For 4

First is the Cold Tofu ($10) with deep-fried century egg. Silky tofu soaked up the house sauce and fragrance of fried shallots.

Refreshing chilled Smashed Cucumber ($5). The sourish taste whet appetite.

Next are a handful of dishes that don’t look good on photo as they are all brown in colour but tasty; Oyster Mushroom, Golden Shishamo, Taiwanese Sausage Patties and Burnt Chilli Chicken, all priced at $10 on ala carte menu. My favourite among the 4 item is the Oyster Mushroom.

Next are the Triple Cooked Yam ($5) and personal favourite, Pork Chop ($10).

Mei Cai ($5) and Cabbage ($10) both crowd pleaser.

Another which I highly recommend is the Oyster Omelette ($15).

Diner could opt for either the flavourful Sweet Potato Congee ($3) which I recommend or rice.

Wash down your meal with Red Tea Jelly. As they used cream in the dish, most will find it cloying.

Signature & Outlet Exclusive

On the ala carte menu, the must order is Joey’s Lala ($15) covered with aromatic Taiwanese Pesto which is the key ingredient to the dish.

Beef Belly ($15) though looked too burnt but it was extremely toothsome.

Long Bean ($10) is yet another signature item, though not a dish I would order.

2 other outlet exclusive dishes are the Salmon Fresh AF ($15) and Dou Miao ($15).

NAHMJ Verdict

There are numerous porridge places with most offered light flavoured or ubiquitous dishes, however at Salted Plum @ Suntec City, the dishes are robust and intense which I very much prefer. I will certainly be back for my favourite dishes.

Salted Plum @ Suntec City

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-122A (West Wing), Singapore 038983 
Tel: +65 6721 9398


Opening Hours

Daily 0800 to 2100

Getting There

Rating: 7/10