Wagyu Express, Hokkaido Wagyu – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Wagyu Express, a newly opened Japanese restaurant in Tanjong Pagar district, they purchase and import entire cattle of Wagyu from Japan. Diners can enjoy the sophisticated taste of authentic Wagyu over Shiro Zumi ( 白炭, Japanese white charcoal).

Kimchi Mori ($10)

I didn’t expect to have Kimchi in a Japanese restaurant, but it turned out to be a good appetizer before we started our Wagyu feast. It comes with three types of Kimchi, Chinese cabbages fermented in a rich shrimp and oyster dashi, cucumbers and white radishes. I like the cucumbers kimchi the most simply because of its crunchiness.

Carrot Salad ($7)

The crunch carrot strips, red onions together with a sweet and sour dressing make up a great salad.

Wagyu Akami Mori ($33)

Consists of three types of lean wagyu, thigh, rump, and tonbi (chuck tender shoulder). We grilled the wagyu over shiro zumi (Japanese white charcoal). Out of the three cuts, I enjoyed the naka karubi the most, it is meltingly tender and juicy. It will definitely make me return.

Wagyu Jo Karubi Steak G Butter ($25)

The fat to meat ratio was just nice, every bite was well-balanced. The garlic butter and salt added one more layer of the dimension.

Buta Sirloin ($15)

The restaurant imports “Yume no Daichi” pork from Hokkaido, the fine-grained meat is succulent and silky smooth. We have been told that it contains a high concentration of oleic acid – that’s good for your cholesterol levels. So take more!

Reimen ($11)

Originally a dish from the norther part of the Korean peninsula, the semi-translucent noodles, made from wheat flour and starch, it gives a uniquely chewy texture. It was served in a refreshing chilled soup, the cold Kimchi and charsiew are perfect toppings.

NAHMJ Verdict

If you would like to experience the melt-in-mouth Hokkaido Wagyu with affordable price, come and try this newly opened restaurant by the folks behind Wagyu specialty restaurant Aburiya in Boat Quay and Robertson Quay.

Wagyu Express by Aburiya

108 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01 Singapore 088526
Tel: + 65 6226 0854

Website: http://www.wagyuexpress.sg
FB: https://www.facebook.com/wagyuexpresssg/

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 1730 to 2330 | Sunday and Public Holiday 1730 to 2230

Getting There


Tanjong Pagar Station (EW15)

Rating: 8.5/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.