PUTIEN Jewel Changi Airport and Duo Tou Clams - interior

PUTIEN Jewel Changi Airport – Changi, Singapore

Among the 112 F&B outlets at Jewel Changi Airport, many are the familiar and big names. No doubt PUTIEN too is there. Navigating to PUTIEN Jewel Changi was easy for me.

I got to Jewel Changi from Terminal 3. Once I entered the mall, I am on level 3, turn right to the escalator and go down a level. Walk straight (in anti-clockwise) and soon I see PUTIEN on my left.

PUTIEN restaurant has the contemporary interior. Unlike most Chinese restaurant where you have that typical classic look.

Classic Treasures of Fujian

Most might have known about PUTIEN top 10 dishes but little is known about the Classic Treasures of Fujian consisting of 3 dishes.

PUTIEN Bian Rou Soup 莆田扁肉汤

The making of this dish is time-consuming and require lots of manual hard-work of continuously pounding and rolling on the meat paste for 3 hours before diners could savour the piquant bian rou soup.


Slurping the chewy noodles that could withstand the soaking of the flavoursome piping hot broth was comforting. I yearn for this dish especially on a rainy day.

‘100-Second’ Stewed Yellow Croacker

The ‘100-Second’ Stewed Yellow Croacker 百秒黄花鱼 is an item on PUTIEN regular menu though at its peak season, PUTIEN will have a promotion with special Yellow Croacker dishes.

The ‘100-Second’ Stewed Yellow Croacker now comes in 3 flavours; Original, Tomato and Spicy. It’s a difficult choice here. Though Tomato is sourish sweet, very appetising however, I dislike Tomato, while the spicy is too spicy for me. Lastly, Original is too gingerly.

Other PUTIEN Signature

There are many other signature dishes at PUTIEN. One of the under the radar dish is the fork-tender PUTIEN Style Pork Ribs 闵香洋烧排 that has bold and intense marination and sauce. Perfect with a bowl of rice.


Completing the meal with the Chilled PUTIEN Loquat in Herbal Jelly 薄荷枇杷冻 which I highly recommend. A cooling dessert that is soothing to the throat.

NAHMJ Verdict

If you can’t decide where to dine, PUTIEN Jewel Changi Airport will not disappoint, offering delicious comfort food to satisfy your appetite.

Putien Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Blvd, #02-249 Jewel Changi, Singapore 819666
Tel: +65 6908 5182

Website: https://www.putien.com/

Opening Hours

Lunch: 1130 to 1600 (Last Order: 1530)
Dinner: 1730 to 2200 (Last Order: 2130)

Getting There


  • East West line – Changi Airport station

By Bus:

  • Changi Airport PTB1   24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 858

Rating: 7.5/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.