DUOTOU Clams Back At PUTIEN - DUOTOU Clams Feast

DUOTOU Clam Back At PUTIEN In 2019 – Singapore

PUTIEN has always offered seasonal produce. One of which that made its yearly debut is the DUOTOU Clams. This DUOTOU Clam promotion is available at PUTIEN islandwide though we opted to visit PUTIEN Jewel Changi for this special promotion.


The first Clam dishes are featured in our past blog posts (click below to read), therefore need little introduction.
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Salted Spicy DUO TOU Clam 椒盐哆头蛏 is my favourite among all the 8 clam dishes. I have a soft-spot towards deep-fried items.

Baked DUO TOU Clam on Hot Plate 铁板盐炬蛏 absorbed the flavour salt and peppercorn.

For egg-lover, like myself, will surely not give DUO TOU Clam Omelete 哆头蛏炒蛋 a miss.

Subsequently, if you love something light to savour its natural flavour, the Steamed DUO TOU Clam with Wine 老酒坚蛏 is surely the choice item. Wine certainly elevated the natural sweetness.

If you prefer dishes that are more aromatic and in typical cooking style, opt for the Stir-fried DUO TOU Clam with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱炒蛏.

Lastly, for the garlic fan, the must order is the Steamed DOU TOU Clam with Minced Garlic 蒜茸蒸蛏.

New Flavour

One of the 2 new dish is the Thai-flavoured DUO TOU Clam 风味态势蛏. Sourish, Sweet, Spicy are the typical flavour in Thai dishes so you could expect no less in this dish too.

Yet another spicy dish, highly aromatic Stir-fried Sambal Chives with DUO TOU Clam 叁芭爆蛏肉.

NAHMJ Verdict

If you have yet tried the Clam, here is your opportunity. Don’t miss it.

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*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.