Petite Joy Bakes, From Dream To Reality – Tai Seng, Singapore

Petite Joy Bakes is a cake studio located at 1 Irving Place, near Tai Seng MRT station; offers a range of standard and customised bakes. Started from Cherie’s simple dream of baking birthday cake for her daughter’s first birthday; from a dream, now a reality.

I am a big fan of Lychee Rose Cake. Whenever I see them, I jump at the opportunity to get my hands on them. Therefore when I learned that the best-seller at Petite Joy Bakes is the Lychee Rose Cake, I can’t refuse it.

Lychee Rose Cake

As I opened the box, even before I could visually inspect the cake for its details, I could smell the subtle rose fragrance. In pastel shade of peach, crowned with swirl of butter cream and studded with rose petal to finish the look; though simple, it is attractive.

The Lychee Rose Cake at Petite Joy Bakes is a 2-layer cake. I could savour the rose flavour as it was boosted in the cakes with rosewater in addition to the rose buttercream. The Rose Swiss Meringue buttercream is made with AOP French butter resulting in the super light and ultra smooth texture. Generous amount of lychee sandwiched between the layer. Cake-layers were relatively dense but remain pillowy soft. Furthermore, the cakes were moist but not soggy despite the presence of lychee.

Due the the intensified flavours and saccharine level, I couldn’t devour the cake beyond a small slice. My Mom who has a ‘sweeter’ tooth than mine, love exactly for what it was.

Lastly, order the standard cakes with 3 working days in advance.


Besides the standard cakes, Cherie bakes Macarons ($2/pc) in 4 flavours; Lemon Curd, Oreo and I got the Rose Butter Cream and Double Chocolate flavour.

I am a big fan of macaron and the gold standard is Pierre Hermes. Shells of these macaron are perfect with smooth shiny surface; airy, chewy interior however the secret is in the filling which has room for improvement. Personally, I prefer the Double Chocolate as I am not a fan of butter cream. In my opinion, these macarons are no where near Pierre Hermes.


Finally, you can get some cupcakes from the same bakery as well with minimum order of 6 pieces per flavor/design. I tried the Double Chocolate Cupcakes ($4/pc). Using both Valrhona cocoa powder and chocolate to achieve the delicate rich chocolaty flavour.

NAHMJ Verdict

If you are looking for rich intense flavour, Petite Joy Bakes is surely your choice. They are committed to using great and quality ingredients and mainly basic ingredients wherever possible, such as unbleached flour, eggs, sugar and minimised use of stabilizers or additives. Lastly, they support local companies for basic ingredients.

Petite Joy Bakes

1 Irving Place #02-26 The Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 369546


*Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Petite Joy Bakes. The about items were sponsored by the bakery.