Voyage Patisserie At Outram Road, A French Patisserie - Interior, another view

Voyage Patisserie At Outram Road, A French Patisserie – Outram, Singapore

Flanked by cze char restaurants, Voyage Patisserie, a French Patisserie along Outram Road is a rose among the torns. Helmed by Chef Jonathan, formerly from the now-defunct OCF Restaurant, a French Restaurant. With a French cuisine background, I have high expectation for Voyage Patisserie. Moreover, there is no lack of French Patisserie. There is true blue French Patisserie, A Summer In Paris; by local Celebrity Chef, Antoinette; by Japanese Celebrity Chef Patisserie Platine by Waku Ghin, Flor Patisserie; setup by the local such as Patisserie G and Ciel Patisserie. There are also the new entrants such as Purist and Lee’s Confectionery. And many more which I am unaware.

The cafe is in 2 main colours, blue and white. Such a colour combination left me feeling I am on a yacht.

The Patisserie showcased not only the entremet and plated dessert (listed on the menu) but also some Special which include starter and main, in small quantity, which are rattled by the service crew. This reminds me of Mad About Sucre also in the vicinity with similar concept.


After the door, you will surely not miss the display of an array of cakes on your right.

The signature at Voyage is Cynthia ($9) which Chef Jonathan made it for his love and is also named after her. A fruity pastry that encased with a centre of raspberry jam and lychee pieces.

The look of the Yuzu Tart reminds me of the Tourbillon by Chef Yann Brys. It is similar as it is on the sweeter spectrum.

I tried a plated dessert which was highly recommended by the service crew, Raymond, Strawberry & Rhubard ($15). With only 2 main ingredients but in various texture and form. Highly fruity and a good mix of sourness among the saccharine.

Cappuccino was decent. Low acidity with full body and nuttiness and chocolaty hint.


From time to time, the cafe import French ingredients such as Brittany Pigeon and French Asparagus. I skipped the starters and divided into the Mains. I ordered, Ribeye ($45).

Chef Jonathan prefers US Beef for a more gamey and better chewing texture. The slab of Ribeyes was certainly of prime cut and was relatively lean. Importantly, the meat was well seasoned with salt. My only feedback was the abundant amount of sinew was extremely challenging to my jaw.

NAHMJ Verdict

Personally, I felt Voyage Patisserie fare better in the Mains (based on the item I tried). The patisserie was not as refine as I expected. I am comparing them to the authentic French Patisserie standard.

Voyage Patisserie

249 Outram Road, Singapore 169048
Tel: +65 6223 2490


Opening Hours

Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday 1000 to 2200 | Friday – Saturday 1000 to 0000

Getting There


  • East-West Line – Tiong Bahru station
  • East-West or North East Line – Outram Park (EW16/NE3)

By Bus:

  • Blk 1 or 18 along Tiong Bahru Road   5, 16, 33, 63, 123, 195, 851
  • Blk 55 along Tiong Bahru Road   75, 970
  • Eton House Pre-School along Outram Road  75, 970

Rating: 7.5/10