Des Gars dans la Cuisine at Le Marias Interior

Des Gars dans la Cuisine at Le Marias – Paris, France

This is yet another long overdue post. I visited Des Gars dans la Cuisine in summer 2018. I chanced upon when I was on my way to Moustache in 3rd arrondissement, a pet shop, in Le Marias, the 3rd arrondisement, to get a toys for Cookies. Since I didn’t plan for lunch that day, I decided to make it my lunch stop.

Attracted by the green draping from the second floor covers parts of Des Gars dans la Cuisine resulted in poring over the space and eventually the menu.

Dressed in contemporary theme with bronze with the reddish wood reducing the intimidating fell. Overall was modern looking with doses of coziness.

Set Lunch

Affordable 2-course set lunch of starter & mains or mains & desserts was available at €17.50. After scrutinizing the menu, I opted for the former as the dessert options were not attractive.

I don’t remember what were the choices offered for starter, I must have opted the Green Pea Gazpacho unwillingly since I like neither soup nor green pea. Nevertheless, no regret because I was converted after this experience. The cold green pea soup was something I never tasted before, refreshing and tasty. More importantly, it didn’t have the unpleasant after taste like the green pea I tasted in Singapore. Maybe, it was because they are fresh.

Ever since I have a saying, “Some times, it is not that you don’t like a certain food, but you have not tried what is good.”

Main I opted for the Roast Chicken. A quarter chuck of chicken with drumstick and thigh meat with generous amount of summer vegetables and potato. The portion was huge.

Ala Carte

Without dessert, meal would be incomplete. I turned to ala carte menu. I decided to try Pavlova, a sugar overloaded dessert. Personally, I felt the flavour was too flat for my liking.

NAHMJ Verdict

Lunch set is at Des Gars dans la Cuisine is affordable and importantly, food was tasty. Service was great and the service crew spoke English.

Des Gars dans la Cuisine

72 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 PARIS
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 74 88 26


Opening Hours

Sundays to Thursdays 1200 to 1430, 2000to 2300 | Friday 1200 to 1430, 2000 to 0000 | Saturday 1200 to 1500, 2000 to 0000

Getting There

By Subway:
Line 1 – Saint-Paul
Line 11 – Rambuteau
Line 3 – Arts et Métiers

Rating: 8/10