Golden Spoon Seafood Restaurant With Best Crab Mee Hoon – Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Many might know about or have even patronised the hipster cafes in Tiong Bahru such as Merci Marcel, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Whisk, Chapter 55, Tiann’s, just to name a few. Few might know about the unassuming Golden Spoon Seafood Restaurant that has been around in this rich of historical estate for decades. Despite its location, within a carpark, fenced by the residential blocks made it well hidden, it is neither the best kept secret nor hidden gem, dishing the best Crab Mee Hoon at 62 Seng Poh Lane.

Though I know about the restaurant, it took me a long time to finally arranging a time with some friends to feast out. It was a Monday evening and was full house. Remember to make your reservation before heading down.

Highlights …

If you google “Best crab bee hoon in Singapore”, you ought to see
Golden Spoon Seafood Restaurant being cited all over famous food blog sites. We won’t want to miss out the Golden Spoon Bee Hoon Crab (seasonal price). There is only one size. Each serving consist of 1 crab and can serve 3 to 4 pax. The Bee Hoon absorbed the essence from the broth after simmering and yet remained chewy. Broth was umami, filled with the aroma of the crab and mainly sweetness from the chinese cabbage. We agreed that the flavour was more dominant when it is lukewarm. The full flavour didn’t emit when piping-hot. We thought it was well balance, any stronger would be cloying.

In 3 sizes, small ($24), medium ($36) and big ($48), we chose small for the
Salted Egg Prawn with 7 large prawn. De-shelled prawn in a thin crispy batter coated with a glistering layer of savoury salted egg sauce. I wish the sauce could be thicker.

Off the menu was the Bamboo Clam. Steamed in soya sauce with glass noodle and lots of minced garlic. The result was garlicky and briny. We thought it would taste better if it was less salty so that we could savour more of the freshness of the clam.

Spinach ($10) tasted unusual too, in a good way in fact. It was a simple and tasty. Surprisingly crunchy too, unlike most which are a little soggy.

It was a shame that we didn’t manage to order any dessert. At my next visit, I am going to try the Teochew O-ni Gingko Nut.

NAHMJ Verdict

Every dish served at the Golden Spoon Seafood Restaurant we tried was well-executed, though there was no wow factor but we appreciate its consistency. And the service is worth mentioning. Friendly and warm service. We were surprised that the came round to re-fill our tea and change our plates and bowl without us having to wave at them and with a smile despite it was at their 100% capacity. I will return.

Golden Spoon Seafood Restaurant

62 Seng Poh Lane, Singapore 160062
Tel: +65 9118 5544


Opening Hours

Daily 1100 to 1430, 1700 to 2230

Getting There


  • East-West Line – Tiong Bahru station
  • East-West or North East Line – Outram Park

By Bus:

  • Blk 1 or 18 along Tiong Bahru Road   5, 16, 33, 63, 123, 195, 851
  • Blk 55 along Tiong Bahru Road   75, 970
  • Eton House Pre-School along Outram Road  75, 970

Rating: 7.5/10