Highlights from Porta Revamped Ala Carte Menu

Porta Revamped Ala Carte Menu – Robertson Quay, Singapore

We are back for Porta revamped ala carte menu. Though it isn’t our first visit, we hope it won’t be the last as well. From our first visit to Porta Fine Food & Company to various refreshed ala carte menu, our stomach are always feeling satisfied.

In this revamped ala carte menu, despite having new dishes, Porta has decided to keep some of the popular and signature items. And the one-page format remains unchanged too allowing ease of selection.

Porta Revamped Ala Carte Menu

Among the new items, we tried as much as we can, from appetisers to mains and finally desserts.


Beginning with tangy Spicy Salmon Tartare ($16). This is my favourite appetiser among the options we tried. Sriacha mayonnaise tossed among the diced salmon when eaten with the nori rice cracker for the best experience.

When the Chicken and Egg ($14) was served, the red ball that sat on the dish bedazzled me. It turned out to be a lava egg dyed with beetroot juice. Beneath the egg is a bed of shredded chicken and slaw tossed with sesame sauce. Nothing innovative but a dish that most would accept.

Many may not like lamb, however if you are a fan, don’t missed out on the
Confit Lamb Pastilla ($14), a Morrocan-inspired dish. Shredded lamb confit wrapped in feuilles de brick reminded me of the chinese spring roll.

Sole vegetarian option for appetiser is the Grilled Summer Vegetables with Hummus ($14). Chef enhances the hummus with more spices so as to provide a more rounded flavour.


Working into Mains, first and foremost is a dish inspired by the Duck Confit, Roast Chicken Leg ($24) served with red wine sauce. Even the way it was serve is easily mistaken for the classic French dish. Full of umami flavour. I was impressed that the usual thick layer of fats underneath the skin was absent. My favourite among all the Mains we tried.

The next two dishes are tomato-based which are not my kind of food. First is the improvised version of the signature dish, the Duck Ragout ($24). I have not tried the previous version hence no ground of comparison. In my opinion, it is a typical tomato-based past with meat (duck) on pappardelle pasta.

Yet another tomato dish, Barramundi ($24). Under the grilled fish (from Ah Hua Kelong) is ratatouille, studded with mussels. A comfort dish.


Commencing with a sour dish, Key Lime Meringue ($12). The name of the dish is a little misleading as the ingredient used in this de-constructed form is not key lime but kaffir lime in the pannacotta and jelly, served with meringue and vanilla sable crumble. Lightly savour with aroma from the lime and well balance sweet and sour scent.

It was brilliant to serve the Spiced Apple Tarte Tartin ($14) with Rum & raisin ice cream instead of plain vanilla ice cream. An unusual element, bacon was added. I thought it was the rum that masterfully binds the savoury from bacon and spice flavour together. A well-executed dish.

Lastly, a highly recommended dessert and personal favourite, Black Forest ($14). The chocolate lava cake was baked using 75% Filipino Dark Malagos chocolate. To resemble the classic cake, Marachino cherries were added. It was enhanced with cinnamon, juniper berries and star anise which I felt was unnecessary. To intensify the flavour further, crystaline cocoa nibs were included. Finally, the key was the coconut whipped cream to be eaten together with the cake that differentiated itself altogether. Smitten totally by this creative dish.

Brunch Menu

Here is the bonus, 2 items from the Brunch Menu. First is the vegetarian dish, Breakfast Burg ($18), sandwiched between the Brioche bun with juicy portobello mushroom, sauteed baby spinach, tomato and sunny side-up. A simple and full of nutrition dish.

Should you prefer something sweet for brunch, opt for the French Toast ($16). The look suggested it as an ordinary thick Brioche Toast. Once you dig in, you will realize the difference due to the layer of caramlised sugar on the brioche. A delightful item.

NAHMJ Verdict

We walked away from Park Hotel Clarke full of praise for Porta revamped ala carte menu. Surely back for the Spicy Salmon Tartare, Roast Chicken Leg, Spiced Apple Tarte Tartin and Black Forest.

PORTA Fine Food & Import Company

1 Unity St, Singapore 237983
Tel: 6593 8855


Operating Hours:

Daily  1130 to 2230

Getting There

By Bus:

  • Opposite Mohd Sultan Rd or UE Square along River Valley Road   32, 54, 139, 195
  • At or Opp Shell House along Clemenceau Avenue   64, 123, 1443


  • Downtown line – Fort Canning station (DT20)

Rating: 8.5/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.