Restaurant Jag Celebrate Earth Day With Spring Produce - Spring Vegetables

Restaurant Jag Celebrate Earth Day With Spring Produce – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Spring is a time where the Earth rejuvenates itself with fresh produce sprouting; asparagus, artichoke and so on. It is the best time for a menu of vegetable dishes hence Restaurant JAG celebrates Earth Day with a 5-course menu.

This year, the dinning scene seems to be moving into a meatless trend. With so many vegetarian cum vegan menu on-going which I have missed quite a number. Even though, at least for now, I am still hanging on to my meat, I still want to “detox” once in a while.

Restaurant JAG is located in a shophouse along Duxton Road. A 26-seater French Restaurant helmed by Michelin Star Chef Jeremy Gillon in the kitchen and under the stewardship of Anant together bring vegetarian options using both locally sourced fresh produce and internationally as well. In addition, the highlight is that Chef Jeremy is well versed with herbs, using over 40 herbs available from the Savio mountains.

Restaurant JAG Celebrates Earth Day

Initiate the dinner with a mocktail of grape and grapefruit juice with sage that entice the taste senses.

Followed closely was the Canape of Duo finger items. Start with the jelly-like dome of herb on a pastry since it was lighter in flavour and then moved on to the croquette.

2 different types of Bread (sourdough and a soft bun with herb) were served with trio butter; citrus, herb and salted Normandy Butter. My favourite was with the citrus butter. The citrus aroma without the sourness, augmented the crusty bread.

Before the first course, Verveine, Cucumber Water, Tofu Creme was presented. Dominated by balmy cucumber aroma available to the nose and tastebud. Together with the fragrance of sesame in the tofu cream and the perfume of verveine, and the crunch from the vegetabales, it left me wanting for more.

Thyme Citron, Fava, Green Pea, Grapefruit.

First course was a tea prevail with ingredients that I usually shun away (Green pea and Fava), I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the dish. This dish reminded me of my pea gaspacho at Le Lion Bossu at Lille. I thought it was a brilliant idea to add in handful of almonds to give a nutty touch and the grapefruit for the fruitiness.

Carvi, Artichoke, Fresh Sage

Moving on to the second course, this dish is different from the first course as it tasted very much in its natural flavour. It was well received even from diners who didn’t usually like artichoke.

Menthe Verte, Chayote, Sunflower Seed

Consisting of chayote (a type of squash) with 2 different texture sat on mint sauce, cream and sunflower seed sauce. Though I am not a fan of mint, I do enjoy it. The sunflower seed is certainly a key to the flavour and the texture too.

Before the Main course was the Trou-normand. A palate cleanser of lemon sorbet which some may find it too astringent.

Hysope, St Vincent Asparagus, Sesame

I am excite as I love asparagus. A week ago was the White Asparagus, now I am devouring the green one in 2 texture. The flavour were elevated by sesame seed and green mango.

Since it was a Main, it was accompanied with Polenta. Musrhoom diced were added to zest up the otherwise one dimension cornmeal.

After the Main, the pre-dessert of pineapple mousse and kiwi sorbet to prepare the palate for the dessert. The uniqueness of the flavour is the addition of the corriander leave.

Reine des Pres, Pink Lady Apple, Rhubarbe

I love all the components in this dish, especially with my favourite apple variant, the Pink Lady. Sourish, sweetish and fruity were the flavours of this dish.

NAHMJ Verdict

Restaurant JAG celebrates Earth Day with a curated vegetarian menu that left a lasting impression in me. Blew away by each dish as I wouldn’t expect vegetables together with herbs could create such fascinating dishes. If I weren’t there, I wouldn’t know vegetarian dishes could taste this good.

Restaurant JAG

78 Duxton Road, Singapore 089535
Tel: +65 3138 8477


Opening Hours

Tuesdays – Friday 1200 to 1400, 1800 to 2200 | Saturdays 1800 to 2200 | Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays

Getting There

By Bus:

  • Opp Faithfield Methodist Church along Tanjong Pagar Road   80, 145
  • After Kreta Ayer Road, along Neil Road   61, 166, 197


  • Northeast Line or East-West Line – Outram Park station;
  • North-South Line – Tanjong Pagar

Rating: 8/10