White Asparagus Special At Brotzeit Singapore – Orchard, Singapore

You know Spring has arrived when you begin to see seasonal vegetables in the market. To celebrate this season of new beginning, the German Beer Bar and Restaurant has crafted a White Asparagus Special At Brotzeit available islandwide but for a limited period of time.

You may not know beside the green one we usually see in the market, there are violet and white ones too. Though not common in Singapore, they are readily available in European countries like Austria, Germany and France.

No matter the colours, they are the same vegetable. The Asparagus are white because they are not exposed to the sun since they are grown underground, covered by a thick layer of mounded dirt or even black plastic. When they bask in the sun, first they turn violet and finally green.

White Asparagus Special At Brotzeit

It excite me whenever I see these highly revered White Asparagus. I remembered the jubilation at last year feast of this perennial vegetable at Pool Grill at the Marriott Singapore and my exultation when I bought them back from France in March this year. Savouring the White Asparagus Special At Brotzeit is no exception, it thrilled me.

Brotzeit created 7 mouthwatering White Asparagus dishes from Appetizers/Soup to Main and dessert. There is also one White Wine for pairing these 7 dishes.

Spargelsuppe ($9)

If you have been reading my post, you will know I avoid soup. However, I polished the entire bowl despite it was a cream soup. It was surprisingly light and I could savour the sweetness of the White Asparagus. And I thought it was extremely smart of the chef to add in julienne of ham to give the savoury hint and slices of white asparagus to give the crunch and at the same time, intensified the flavour.

Spargel Im Speckmantel ($9)

Dressing Asparagus in bacon though it is mainstream, it never failed to impress the diner’s palate.

Der Spargel-Klassiker ($28)

Traditionally the preparation of White Asparagus is to steam and chow it down with Hollandaise Sauce. To spice it up, zest it with any of the sides; Black Forest Ham ($5), Gammon Ham ($5), Smoked Salmon ($5) and Poached Egg ($2).

Spargel Mit Barramundi ($32)

If you are looking for something more substantial, you can opt to have the Spargel with Barramundi. At Brotzeit, they used a locally sourced.

Spargel Mit Rinderfilet ($39)

Alternatively, if you prefer red meat, opt to pair the White Asparagus with Tenderloin instead.

I didn’t get to try the lat 2 items, the Spargelplatte ($79) (White Asparague Platter) comprises Classice White Asparagus (400g) served with black forest, gammon ham, smoked salmon, poached eggs and parsley potatoes with hollandaise sauce. But I could imagine that it would be similar to the the Classic White Asparagus dish.

And it was ashamed to have missed the Zitronen Kase Creme Mit Spargel ($10), the sole dessert on the menu. I must return for this extremely intriguing item. White Asparagus on lemon cheese tart, what an ingenious concept.

Last but not least, Brotzeit has also selected a Wine White to pair with your favourite Spargel dish, 100 Hugel Weisser Burgunder ($14 per glass/$58 per bottle). Light, rounded and in between sweet and dry, very easy to drink wine.


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NAHMJ Verdict

Don’t missed the highly prized Spargel which you can only enjoy them once a year. If you pass the White Asparagus Special At Brotzeit by, you would have to wait till next year.

Brotzeit @ 313 Somerset

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Mondays – Fridays 1130 to 0000 | Saturdays & Sundays 1000 to 0100

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Rating: 8/10