Singapore Airlines Business Class SQ334 From Singapore To Paris – Aerial View

Singapore Airlines Business Class SQ334 From Singapore To Paris – Airlines

A little unusual from my norm, I am flying Singapore Airlines Business Class SQ334 from Singapore to Paris which departs at 2.30am. As so far, I have only been flying on Singapore Airlines Business Class SQ336 which departs at 12.15am.

The only reason for the change was price. I couldn’t get a cheaper ticket on SQ336. What’s my verdict? Will I take this flight again? Read on to find out.

Singapore Airlines Business Class SQ334

Singapore Airlines 
Route: Singapore (SIN) – Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Flight: SQ334
Planned Departure: 18 March, Monday, 02:30H
Actual Departure: 18 March, Monday, 02:44H
Planned Arrival: 18 March, Monday, 09:30H
Actual Arrival: 18 March, Monday, 09:14H
Estimated Duration: 14h
Actual Duration: 13h 30mins
Mileage: 6663
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 11K (Business Class)

The Similarity

SQ334 is operated only during the Northern Winter season (usually from late October to late March) in addition to SQ336. And it is operated only on selected days of the week; Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Outside this period, solely SQ336 flies to Paris daily.

Both SQ334 and SQ336 are operated on Boeing 777-300ER during the Northern Winter period. I have wrote a blog on A380 Business Class SQ product in another post

After ascended, a drink and mixed almond and cashew nuts were served.

On Both flight, 2 meals are served; once after take-off and once before landing. In between, there are delectables with the same number of selections

The number of courses served before landing, approximately 2.5 hours before touch down is the same.

Passengers will get the same wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Difference

Most passengers in the business class opted to sleep right after ascended. Hence meal service was swift if you opt to have your light supper.

The number of courses for after take off on SQ334 is greatly reduced. Mainly, dessert and cheese are not served.

A good percentage of the journey was flied during daylight on SQ334 instead of darkness while on SQ336, if you are seated near a window, you might see magnificent top-down view, like the photo shown below.

Lastly, the available sleeping hours is longer, since the meal service is swift and lesser course is serve. In addition, the sleeping period is closer to the Europe night hours. When you get to sleep at around 4am Singapore time, it is around 11pm Paris time.

NAHMJ Verdict

There are pros and cons between SQ334 and SQ336 business class product. If you are looking for a longer sleeping hours that align better to Paris time, and enjoy the rest of the morning with majestic aerial view, SQ334 is certainly a good option.

Singapore Airlines 

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