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Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes – Suntec City, Singapore

“Helmed by Indonesian-born Chef Selamat Susanto, the menu at Fat Chap is distinctly Asian, served with a hint of nostalgia.”

They have a variety of menu such as the healthy multigrains, weekend happy hour with beers and cocktails, generous platters for sharing. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner! Located in the heart of Suntec city (Tower 4), be spoilt for choice with their wide selection of meals to cater for different occasions. It gets even more convenient if you are working nearby. Be it lunch hour or after work chill hours, Fat Chap is the to-go choice.

One word about their menu I could describe is “Shiok”. If you a chilli lover, you will definitely fall head over heels with their chilli! It has this nyonya peranakan flavor in their dishes as well as chilli sauce. Very Asian and HOT!

We will showcase some of their delectable dishes as per below!






Sunny side up, acar, prawn crackers

For breakfast, how does “BAKMIE GORENG” sound?

Sunny side up has the flowy egg yolk that enriches the stir fried goreng immensely. The stir fried goreng wasn’t the usual oily type so good job for that. Acar gave the dish a refreshing touch and of course prawn crackers are best paired with their sambal chilli sauce! This is good if you are looking for a hearty breakfast or something like a go between your breakfast and lunch.


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - Bakmie Goreng (S$ 15)






Raymond’s farm golden snapper, okra, tomato, Vietnamese mint

Fish meat was a generous one. Very soft and fleshy. The Asam exudes a nyonya charisma. Not too spicy and will suit many of us. It reminds me of the kind of Asam my grandmother used to cook. A heartwarming home-cook dish. We could even finish the asam gravy. It was that awesome.


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - Asam Pedas (S$ 19)




Potato carrot, tomato, belinjo crackers, green chilli, jasmine rice

Also another heartwarming soup, rich stock and quality ingredients. Indulge in this nutrition packed soup with a bowl of fragrant jasmine rice. Does it sound like what mothers will cook for a tonic meal?

These main dishes are truly appetizing and flavourful. Best enjoyed piping hot with rice! Lunch or dinner are just fine.


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - Oxtail Soup (S$ 20)




Land and Sea Party (Suitable for 4-5 Pax) – S$ 168

Balinese half pork rib, kampong half chicken, marinated fish, squid, ocean beef ribeye, lamb ribs with Balinese sea salt, yuzu kosho, duo sambal, lemongrass & shallot relish, lime, fresh vegetables, grilled corn on cob

If you are dining with a group and would like to try abit of everything, then platters are great. They go very well with beer and drinks too.

The ribs were nicely marinated, soft and tender. Seafood were fresh and perfectly seasoned. Fish meat was really soft and fresh. However, the chicken was abit too dry for our palate. This combines both land (Mostly red meat) and Sea (Seafood). So it’s a good combination and a nice serving for groups. Besides the meaty meat, there are vegetables and corn to balance things up. So great. For the quality ingredients, I would say its value for money.


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - Land and Sea Party (S$ 168)





Do we need to go further about crispy chicken skin? Golden brown deep fried, dipped with plum chilli was a thumbs up! Great on its own while waiting for your delectable dishes or a companion for your drinks! Your choice!


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - Crispy Chicken Skin (S$ 8)





Coconut custard, almond flakes, rum & raisins ice cream

We know the food here is captivating but please save some space for dessert. Because, it’s worth your calories.

A strong and rich rum & raisin flavoured ice cream with every scoop. Coconut custard and almond flakes complemented the alcoholic taste. It’s interesting that coconut was paired with rum. A creative innovation that won our hearts. Hence, a must try!


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - KLAPERTART (S$ 12)




Every dish is so good you may have a hard time deciding what to eat!

But fret not, it will definitely be a satisfying and shiok meal. Prepare your taste buds and stomach for a heartwarming tummy time at Fat Chap!


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - Interior


Fat Chap Serving Nostalgia Asian Dishes - Another view




Fat Chap

3 Temasek Boulevard #01-643 Tower 4, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6836 5994



Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday, Saturday  1100 to 2300  |  Friday  1100 to 0100  |  Sunday  1000 to 1700

Getting There



  • Circle line – Promenade station or Esplanade station (Exit A)
  • Downtown line – Promenade


By Bus:

  • Suntec Convention Center   36, 70M, 97, 97e, 106, 111, 133, 162, 502, 502A, 518, 518A, 537, 700, 857, 868
  • Millenia Walk   36, 56, 75, 77, 97, 107M, 171, 195, 960, 961


Rating: 8/10



*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.