11.11 Singles Day And Black Friday 2017

The great online sales event of the year is here again with 11.11 Singles Day And Black Friday 2017, both happening in the month of November.  They are about 2 weeks apart. Hence it is a good time to do all major purchases and with Christmas around the corner, a time of giving, these two major online sales events are timely. You can read more on the Singles’ Day expectation on Forbes. It is certainly going to be exciting, with each year, online retailers are banging on this day to bring in more sales. We as consumers will certainly benefit from it too.


I am sure many of you are aware. In case, you are too busy and have totally forgotten to make plan for it. Here is a gentle reminder too all. 


Origin of 11.11 day started in China, Nanjing University whereby the bachelors made use of the occasion to party, hence it was known as Chinese Singles’ Day or Bachelors’ Day. However eventually, it is now celebrated the ladies too. This day was popularized in the internet era in 2011 where the online merchants evolved into a festival with largest online shopping days. 


While Black Friday originated in the United States whereby the retailers were trying to I crease sales to put themselves into the black after Thanksgiving.


For some shopping ideas on Black Friday, click to read the article to provide some shopping inspiration


Whatever, the purpose of the 2 days, it is benefit us as consumers. We could leverage the retailers strategy to our benefit by taking the big discounts for especially our big ticket purchases. I will be getting a number of gifts via online shopping, the best way to buy stuff at the comfort of my couch.


Hence, I will urge you to do the same. Start browsing for ideas and plan your purchases. Look out for deals from websites like ShopBack where they have some 11.11 Singles Day Sales and Black Friday Sales going on for you. So when the time comes, sit behind your laptop and your items are clicks away. Happy Online Shopping!