Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Interior, another view

Pizza Marzano At Chamtime Plaza, Pudong – Shanghai, China

Interestingly, Pizza Marzano wasn’t own by Italian but a British, Peter Boizot, who was disappointed with the quality of pizza offered in the United Kingdom. That prompted him to go on a mission to explore for a delicious and yet authentic Italian pizza recipe. His first restaurant was started in 1965 in London. After slightly less than four decades, it was introduced to China.

Our nearest Pizza Marzano outlet in Shanghai was the one nestled at Chamtime Plaza, Pudong. The shopping mall is made up of about 10 buidlings with Marzano at building 2. Since it is on the ground floor, it is pretty easy to locate it.

Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Facade

Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Interior

Spacious interior with contemporary theme. With the high ceiling, and full length glass panel, natural lighting in the morning is sufficient to light up the space.

Offering classic appetisers as Antipasti Board, Prosciutto E Melone and Prawns & Passata. Instead, we opted for something not so Italian but certainly a crowd pleaser, the Chicken Wings Spicy 香烤鸡翅辣味 (RMB 48 – 4pcs / 68 – 6pcs). This was newly on the menu. We opted for the latter. Wings was well marinated hence wings was tasty not only on the skin alone. The light spice does elevate our appetite too.

Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Chicken Wings Spicy 香烤鸡翅辣味 (RMB 48 - 4pcs / 68 - 6pcs)

Numerous salads were on the menu but we skipped them. And dive into the Pizza for the name-sake. Pizza Marzano offers a large selection ranging from the Itatlian Classic to Inspired Range, Healthy Choice and Hot & Spicy. We chose Peking Duck Pizza 北京烤鸭披萨 (RMB 45) from the Inspired Range. The entire combination was surprisingly tasty, contributed mainly by the sweetish sauce and the pizza bread is thin too.

Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Peking Duck Pizza 北京烤鸭披萨 (RMB 45)

Pasta and Pizza almost always go hand-in-hand. Over at Pizza Marzano, there only half amount of selection compared to Pizza. We got 2 pasta, first the Spaghetti Al Tonno 吞手意大利面 (RMB 69) a tomato-based sauce. I am never a fan of such pasta so I didn’t enjoy.

Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Spaghetti Carbonara 卡邦尼奶油意大利面 (RMB 59)

The second pasta is the Spaghetti Carbonara 卡邦尼奶油意大利面 (RMB 59). Both pasta were al dente but were rather bland, lacking in salt. The amount of sauce on the Cabonara was far too little. It was only enough to coat lightly on the pasta. Bacon was far too fatty. Portion was considerably huge for one person.

Pizza Marzano At Chatime, Pudong, Shanghai, China - Tiramisu 提拉米苏 (RMB 45)

9 items were on the dessert menu with the Dessert Platter (RMB 53) being most attractive. We skipped this but got the Tiramisu 提拉米苏 (RMB 45). The mascarpone cheese was tasty and ratio to the sponge cake was proportionate. But I find it lacking of coffee and alcohol. Overall it was still more than decent.

NAHMJ Verdict

We love the Pizza at Pizza Marzano, at least base on the one we tried. We will avoid ordering the Pasta the next round.

Pizza Marzano

Unit 17, Level 1, Chamtime Plaza, Lane 1239, Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong
Tel: +86 021 6886 7377


Opening Hours

Daily  1000 to 2200

Getting There

By Subway:

Line 2 – Jinke station

Rating: 7/10