Dine Inn Community Portal For Home-Cooked Food With Love

In our modern life, dinning out and delivery has become part and parcel of life. But we tend to miss and love home-cooked food. With such a gap, Dine Inn bridge it and offers a community portal for this purpose. One of the co-owner of Dine Inn is the celebrity Chef, Chef Eric Teo who hopes to promote the array of Singapore cuisine through experiential home chef. 



How Does Dine Inn Work?


At Dine Inn, the platform is offering 4 services to the community. First is the self-collection / delivery. Next, is a very interesting concept, Dine At Host’s Place. Followed by Chef for Hire and Tingkat services which will be available soon.


Home Chef who are on Dine Inn offering their products and/or services are known as host. When it comes to food, hygiene is top priority. Hence, it is mandatory for host to attend the WDA approved one-day Basic Food Hygiene Course. In addition, Dine Inn has also insured insurance coverage of up to S$250,000.


Anyone who are interested to place their online order with Dine Inn could do so after registering. Registeration is free. And all transaction are cashless.  Once you are registrated, you could start ordering. It is as simple as these steps.



Our Expereince with Dine Inn


We tried out the service and the platform ourselves too. It was more than pleasant. In fact, we made good friends with host through their food. We love especially the Dine At Host Place.


Many might ask what kind of food and quality cum standard could we expect. Here is the answer.


Self-Collection / Delivery

I tried mostly self-collection as the delivery requires an additional charge of $19 for the service. A second reason the former is preferred is because, it allows me to explore some neighbourhood that I have never been before. For those who are staying in a densely populated area, may discover a neighbour who is a talented chef like never before. 


Diners may find Mains ranging from Thai food to Chinese to Indian, Malay and even Japanese and Italian. And quite a handful hosts are satisfying the sweet tooth like myself with assortment of desserts. Some of food that you could obtain might surprise you. They are very impressive. 



Host: Joyce Wee

Link for orderhttps://sg.dineinn.com/hosts/joyce-wee


Dine Inn Community Portal For Home-Cooked Food With Love - Joyce Wee, Prosperity Rice ($25)


Joyce offers Dine At Host Place service too with 6 course Thai meal. I opted for her self-collection items the Prosperity rice ($25 serve 4) consisting of tri-coloured quinoa and japanese barley mixed with glutinous rice and bacon, fresh mushrooms, and chestnuts. To flavoured-up the dish, add in pine nuts, spring onions, fried shallots and bacon bites. 


Host: Nurasyidah

Link to orderhttps://sg.dineinn.com/hosts/nurasyidah


Dine Inn Community Portal For Home-Cooked Food With Love - Nurasyidah, Cereal Prawn ($18)


Cereal prawn ($18) is a crowd-pleaser at the Cze Char stall. Now you could get this dish from Home-chef and the good news for our Muslim community, this is Halal.


Host: Cally Leong

Link to orderhttps://sg.dineinn.com/hosts/cally-leong


Dine Inn Community Portal For Home-Cooked Food With Love - Cally Leong, Matcha Swiss roll with passionfruit pulps ($8)


Cally is a accomodate host acceding to my every request. I ordered the
Matcha Swiss roll with passionfruit pulps ($8) from Cally as I thought the combination was unique. Beside being unique, the aroma of passionfruit was the highlight. 



Dine At Host Place

We love this ingenious dinning format. We forge good friendship with the host through this form of dinning. 


Host: Shaaleni

Link to orderhttps://sg.dineinn.com/hosts/shaaleni


Dine Inn Community Portal For Home-Cooked Food With Love - Dine at Host Place, Shaaleni, Jala


Shaaleni offers 4-course Indian meal for dinning at her home. 



Dine Inn Community Portal For Home-Cooked Food With Love - Dine at Host Place, Shaaleni, Mutton Briyani


Diners could chose chose of Mains and desserts. The plus point is the spice level is customised too. In addition, Vegetarian option is also available. 


Dine Inn Community Portal For Home-Cooked Food With Love - Dine at Host Place, Shaaleni, Molten Lava Cake


Food is not only delish and enjoyable as Shaaleni is warm, friendly and communicate well.



Dine Inn Community Event


Dine Inn has organised a number of community event in the past. If you are keen to sample the standard, follow them on facebook and look out for the next community event whereby the home chef will whip out a feast for you to sample.



NAHMJ Verdict


We love the idea of Dine Inn; allowing diners to enjoy home-cooked food and to get to know the community better at the same time. And on the other hand, it is a platform for hidden talented home chef to be explored. 



Dine Inn

Community Portal for home-cooked food

Website: https://sg.dineinn.com/



*Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post.